Best option for outdoor grow - can’t grow in ground.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mickie20001, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. just found out that I can’t put my plants in the ground like I wanted. What’s the next best option for planting outside.
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  2. Fabric grow bags is the best option GrowPro or Smart Pots. I grow in 100gallon GrowPro pots and have been very successful. Get beige not black.
  3. Kiddie Pools cheaper drill a few holes

    good luck
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  4. I had a buddy that used to do clandestine grows in the woods with kiddy pools. Poke a bunch of holes in the bottom and fill it with your soil mix. Plant your starts. You can fit like 10 in a kiddy pool. Surround the pole with slug bait and deterents to pests. A ring of small fencing around it can help. Put a layer of gravel under it to help it drain well.
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  5. I use bottomless containers or ones w big holes in the bottom. You can’t move them tho as roots grow thru. Happygrowing.
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  6. 100 Gallon - I would imagine they're pretty immobile once you drop 5 bags of Oceans Forest in there.
  7. 100 gallon pots require at least 9 bags of vermafire or the like. Put them on pallets. Two people can move them easily. I have other growers that put them on pallets with wheels. They can move them around very easily. If you are looking for a gig yield without going in the ground, then 100 gallon fabric pots are a great method of growing without your plant getting root bound using plastic. Lots of folks use them very successfully here in NorCal. Good Luck
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  8. If its a 1.5 cu foot bag it will take 8 + per 100 gallon bag.
  9. 13.13 cubic feet in a 100 gallon grow bag. That is 8.75 bags of 1.5 cubic feet soil. That is .49 cubic yards to fill a 100 gallon smart pot. 1/2 yard
  10. Is 100 gallon the minimum viable size without limiting root growth? Have you tried using anything smller - 50-65 gallons?
  11. Yes I have tried smaller pots. The bigger the pot the bigger the yield. But I know folks that grow in 65 gallon pots and do okay.
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  12. I'd love to put them all in the ground (#potgoals) but for now I do need to keep them moveable "just in case" even if my yield will be down a bit. My last grow was a 2 plan indoor grow so I'm sure even in 65's - I'll hopefully harvest more than before. Thank you so much for all of your advice.
  13. My pleasure. I don't know what your expectation is for your end result, but if you have a successful grow, you could yield at least a pound per 65 gallon fabric pot. Good luck with your grow.
  14. hah ... my first indoor grow yielded a whopping 2 OZ so this should be interesting. Again - thank you so much
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