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Best online seed banks?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Huggins04, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Best online seed banks that ships to us??

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  2. Can't go wrong with herbies, good selection, discreet and timely shipping, and great customer service. Plus freebies... who doesn't like freebies.

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  3. These seed banks are in the US no customs
    U.S. Seed Banks


    Great Lakes Genetics
    Cash or money order

    Green Line Organics
    CC cash

    Green Point Seeds
    CC cash

    James Bean Co
    JamesBeanCompany | Online source for CBD genetics
    CC and other options

    Lumberjack Seed Source
    LumberJack Seed Source (@lumberjackseedsource) • Instagram photos and videos

    Neptune Seed Bank
    Money order or Google wallet

    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Products | oregon elite seeds
    Cash money order gift card cc

    Oregon Green Seeds
    Products | Oregon Green Seed - a breeder-direct Pacific Northwest Cannabis seed company.
    Cash or money order

    Ript Genetics
    CC Paypal

    Seeds Here Now
    CC cash or money order

    Seed Vault Of California
    Cash gift cards or money orders

    CC cash or money order

    Southern Oregon Seeds
    Money Order's, Cashier's Check, Certified Check are the current methods of payment

    The Dank Team
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  4. Just typed this in another thread....LOL. Click Seeds. com ....in Oregon. Reliable...no customs BS.
  5. Swami Organic Seeds.

    Has the "Real Deal" Heirloom, and crosses.

    Nevils Original 1988 NL5 x Haze

    Real Deal Mr Greengenes ( RIP ) Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie IBL. Swami, and Verdant Green are the Only 1s that have the Original Uncrossed Genetics. Mr Greengenes gave them the genes, before he passed.

    70's Panama x Guerrero

    Mazar x Guerro

    Punta Rojo crosses

    1971 Pre Soviet Kandahar x 1976 Thai Stick x NL5 x Hz. Blue Orca Haze.

    Viet crosses.

    Cherry Bomb x Real Deal Kahuna. They let Swami have the Original Kahuna genes, with the promise he would use it ONLY for crosses. No Pure.

    He also always gives more seeds of what you buy, and usually a Free Pack of 15.

    Last week I payed for 30 seeds, and got 75. I cant say he always does this, but I also bought 2x before, and always got a free pack, and extras.
  6. Had a great experience with D.C. Seed exchange. Great place to do business with

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