best one plant grow light?

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  1. I asked this elsewhere also

    So I'm 5 weeks into my first grow. Just one plant white widow auto.

    I know the led I'm using is underpowered.

    So my question is what is the best led that can do it all for a single plant?

    I obviously don't need 1000watts or to spend a grand.
  2. chuck some extra cfl's in. warm light spectrum think they call it 2700k or 3000k. i seen some a lad doing it with a led rack. he put bulbs at the side of the plant too. really exploded the side and easy way to add watt. i mean use cfl with your led also.
  3. cfls and a few bulb holders are cheap as chips
  4. It depends on how big your plant is and how large your area is. I'm probably going to do a single plant my next flower run in my 4x4 but it's a monster bush that near fills the whole thing. I'm going to give it about 570 actual watts of quantum board led. I guarantee I'll get well over a pound from it.

    Size your plant to your light. I've also seen nice 6 1/2oz plants under 250 watt range leds.

    How many square feet are you working with? You're in luck today if you're ready to push the order button. Growerslights has a few quantum board panels in stock. They're the most impressive light I've ever seen.
    Horticulture Lighting Group 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit
    Get the 304 boards and 3k. You can get it pre built for $25. These are about as good as a cheap 600w panel and not much more money. If you hesitate for a day they will sell out and you may not be able to get one for a month or more.
  5. I'm not looking to put in multiple cfl's

    Just one main led, with maybe using the crappy one I already have as a supplement.

    we are talking a 2x2 area at most. Not a gigantic monster plant
  6. That 135 quantum kit would rock a 2x2 and it's dimmable so you can tailor the light level you need. You won't be disappointed for a little over $200. It will pay for itself double the first grow.

    I'm pretty sure you would get free shipping since I did to Alaska. That $209 price built is the price you pay. You can drop the price $25 if you want to connect a few wires and put in some screws.

  7. seems a bit expensive for that quantum. would something like this not get the job done?
  8. You have to remove everything left of the www to make amazon links show up. The only thing that compares to a quantum board fixture is a high end cob led light that's about 50 watts higher power. They're about the best lights on the market and they're not expensive for the wattage if you browse the higher end manufacturers. They're worth every dollar. At least 50% more light per watt compared to a cheap panel. They make my $1000 515 watt platinum light look dim with 60% the power.
  9. I should probably quite talking about them. I'm sure someone is sick of it. It's almost every post now, but I'm an honest poster that like to give good advise if I feel I can. Don't judge my ugly plants. They have mites. Just take a peak at the amazing brightness of that light. I can see every bug right through the leaves they're so intense.. hehe. IMG_0684.JPG
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  10. Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower

    I was thinking something simple like this
  11. They're decent but know what you're buying. They're about 130 watts. Take the case apart. They're cheap Chinese made drivers made with marginal reliability hooked to outdated 3-5 watt single diode Chinese made leds that have much lower output then the current crop of lights and much lower potential to grow. They definitely don't fit your thread title.

    The quantum boards are sunsung 561c s6 bin diodes that have some of the most efficient output on the market today. With the 135 board fixture there's 304 of them on the single board. They use a stepped up class model "the HLG line" of the industries best drivers with built in dimmer pots. That's why they don't bother hiding it under a fancy case and to keep costs low. Top quality parts not fancy cases that make you think they are something better then they are.

    I've been growing with a lot better panels then then galaxy hydro stuff but the QB's are next level and it doesn't cost a fortune to join the party.
  12. Hi
    I've just ordered a Mars Hydro 48 Reflector, and will be using this LED panel for one plant future grows in a 40cm X 40cm X 100cm tent. I read and hear good reports about this panel.. if anyone with experience of using this panel can clarify please do...

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  13. Look at the Meizhi 450 reflectors..Like 195 actual+/- 5%..I have 2 of them and they are excellent for the $$ ($106 ebay, $121 Amazon)
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  14. I have two meihzi 600 and I'm only using one I get 3oz easy

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  15. thank you, finally a very direct answer

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