Best OG Kush seeds?

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  1. Hey, blades. I'm planning on starting my first indoor organic grow in the near future, and I'm trying to decide which would be the best option for OG Kush seeds. I'm looking for a plant that'll be pretty easy to maintain for the newbie grower without taking away from the characteristic lemon-fuel funk and killer potency OG is known for. I'm currently stuck between Reserva Privada's OG Kush, Cali Connection's Tahoe OG, and DNA Genetic's Lemon OG Kush. I also plan on getting Reserva Privada's Sour Diesel and their Purple OG #18 seeds. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated, especially if anyone has any experience growing from these particular seeds. Much love. :smoke:
  2. reserva privada are pretty nice
  3. If you order on Jan 4th you get DNA and Reserva Privada freebies, like the OG 18 and them...i didnt plan on ordering but i want a better
  4. Holistic has some of the best OG genetics, they carry several Attitude does not by swerve(Cali Connection) offer free shipping, and are right here in the United States so shipping is usually about 3-4 days. They are also giving out bonus packs of Chem 91 Skunk Va and will be the first place Swerve drops GSC beans. They also throw in other nice freebies as well. Gage Green, Cali Connection, both have the best OG genetics IMHO, unless you know OGKushman, or OGRaskal, they both have fire OG genetics.

  5. order from where?...
  6. Have a link for holistic? Never heard of em. They ship to anywhere in the US? Love swerves shit. And definitely would love to be one of the first to snatch a pack of his GSC.
  7. I'd say the Tahoe. ITs super frosty & top notch smoke after cured for a few weeks

  8. thanx I've been looking at tahoe anyone here of sin city sour flame og?..

  9. I'd stick with the lore proven strains rather than those randomly named strains
  10. I'm growing OG Kush from seeds I took out of a bud a friend got from a New Mexico dispensary. I started eight pots with two seeds in each one. Mice got into my tent and killed two. All of the remaining six came female. So far three of them have had some seeds but I haven't found any on the other three. One of them I took out because of lower potency. All the others are really kick ass strong. A few days ago I found a male flower, just one, on the third one. So now it is between two phenotypes. I've never seen a bushier plant. The bottom branches reach almost to the level of the central bud and there are more tops than you can count sticking out of the canopy of leaves by the end of the grow, at bloom time.

    I also have a Reserva Privada OG Kush #18. It isn't as bushy as the ones I grew from the bud seed. But it is only one phenotype and shouldn't be judged as inferior on that alone. I still haven't smoked any of it so I don't know how it compares to my other strain. I'll update later, after harvest and cure.

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