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  1. We're fairly new to growing with hydroponics. We have three plants, in an Aerogarden. I was wondering what nutrients are best when growing hydroponically. All three plants have been planted for 2 weeks, and are receiving 16:8 light ratio. Two of the three have dark, discolored spots appearing on the leaves. Any help is appreciated!!!
  2. If that's a Miracle Gro or Aerogrow brand, then they both look much too small to grow cannabis. The LED is much too weak, the vertical space much too small, and the smell will eventually drive you crazy if they flower. You might be able to grow a single plant of the tiniest auto flowering strain. Most people use at least a 5 foot tall grow tent with a fan/filter exhaust system.

    The nute question is similar to the question of which is the best laundry soap. The answer is that they're all good, but a lot of people seem not to like miracle grow. I'm a big believer in the KISS system, and use the 3 part General Hydroponics flora nutes plus calmagic, and nothing else.
  3. I use GH Gro,Micro, and Bloom
    alongside i use kosmic koma, cal-mag from botanicare.

    I yield about 2 pounds per 4x4 area with this.

    keep your pH balanced around 5.8-6.0 if using nutrient water.
    also keep it around 800ppm. temperature for water should be around 72 degrees or else fungi can produce.

    “planted for two weeks”... so you mean two weeks into veg?
  4. Miracle Gro apparently bought GH.

    Miracle Gro was apparently found to use pesticides in their nutrients. Thus causing worry for many growers.
  5. 2lbs per yield sounds great. And it doesnt seem like the setup we have now is going to work at all. Would you mind going into a little more detail about your setup?
  6. Thanks y'all! Sounds like my setup is the problem. Would it be possible to transfer the already growing plants into pots, and possibly keep them alive that way? Or are the plants we have now pretty much shot, and we need to start over?
  7. can you supply pictures of your plants? or care to DM me? I’m glad to help a fellow grower.

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