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best nugg

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Luv Tha Nug 420, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. best weed uve ever had the pleasure of blazing.. and please include method of smokin...

    Ex: Durban poison hookah... :hello:
  2. I was really expecting an awesome picture of a dankkkk ass nug. :rolleyes:
  3. well im sorry man... i thought be cool to hear all the strains ive never heard of and see bomb ass pictures in a lil ill throw up the durban poison pics, just wanna see whats out there
  4. hahahaha bustttt
  5. post up those durban poison pics

    i remember finding this pic of it on google [​IMG]

    and after i saw that i wanted to grow it but i decided not to
  6. here is my crop... [​IMG]
  7. damn
    how does no one see those plants
  8. #10 Lebowski, Aug 31, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2008

    That is damn beautiful.

    I think literally the most consistently potent weed i've smoked is OG kush, and this particular batch I will always remember as having destroyed me:


    One of the few batches of purple OG i've ever seen, but from the smell, taste and effect, it all matched up with classic OG.

    oh, and glass pipe + hakko was the smoking method.

    So sticky that its like flypaper (examine the 3rd picture :p)
  9. i had that third picture as my background for a while after i saw you post those pics nice
  10. dude i leave on Farm in a city wiht no police dept... on my own no kids just a GF easy shit... ha make made cashh
  11. id honestly say the best nug ive seen is either the postmans purple huge nug that he sent a pic of to hightimes or herbsintheburbs nevilles haze grow....ill try to find pics but they looked amazing....

    better than anything ive seen personally
  12. Mine would defiantly be Grand daddy purple, out of a awesome bubbler.

  13. Blatant lies. That is on the first page of google images when you search for Durban Poison. Its on flickr, the person who took the picture said he lives in the UK and it was grown in a field outside cambridge. The person who deserves credit is lump of bastard. You are just a bastard.

    Here is the original

  14. love tha nug 420=<a [​IMG]
  15. Hands down would be juicy fruit for me. Love that shit, such a great flavor and aroma.
  16. haha okay okay... yes i do no i dont have those bomb ass plants but i have smoked tht sweettt ass durban tht looks like tht las tyear some guy i kno who lives right out of phila was moving mad weight and hooked me up with a niceee 2 0s.. lasted me for ever... hardly busted tht shit but besides for holidays like by friends real b-day 4-20 haha luckiest man alive...
  17. The best overall for me has been jack herer. The taste, smell, and high are all so unique. Ive smoked it out of a pipe, bong, and blunts. Hope i can find some more of it soon.
  18. *cough cough* school kid talking more bullshit.

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