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Best Northern Lights Seeds?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Chinaaaa, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I'll only order from the internet. Anyone know the best place to get some Norths Seeds? Somewhere that will send to England, UK. Thanks blades.
  2. when you say best - do you mean best quality or best value. Also which Northern lights are you after #5,#9, #11?
  3. well, I ordered some NL feminized seeds from nirvana-shop.com and they are 60 days into it and very healthy. these things are very resilient and can withstand some beginner abuse. I took clones about 8 days ago, and just got some roots coming out now. I must say that so far, Nirvana has satisfied me.

    I'm not sure if it's #5, #9 or #11 though, it didn't say
  4. I didn't even know there was a 4, 5,9 or any other numbers that were said :S in all honesty I'm doing this for an old hippie grower who doesn't have the Internet but I he doesn't care what number as long as it's what he's looking for. He's looking for potency and highest yield btw.
  5. order from the tude and they will come in original breeders packs which will show your old hippie they are real and what you say they are

    Nirvana seems to have good genetics for the price and they have a Northern Light...also you can check single seed center.
  6. Joey Weed has a high yielding, high potency NL that is also the most cost effective on the net. They're for sale @ HempDepot.ca - a very reliable site btw. For more $ Nirvana would be a safe bet also.
  7. I've heard good things about Sensi's as well. Also, Highgradeseeds has some really good genetics.

    Stay away from feminized seeds. What you're usually getting are seeds from plants forced to go hermie. You'll almost always wind up with a few herms in the mix. Shortcuts are rarely a good thing ;) Take the time to grow and sex proper seeds. Sure maybe you'll get some males, but the end results will be better.
  8. OSG!, how the heck are ya!!

    I totally agree with that post bt the way, guys if ya must use fems go with FMS......

    I am an NL lovin fool and I will tell all of ya there are two that stand out, the first is the NL5 available at highgradeseeds which is in my opinion the best NL you can buy at the moment.

    the sensi's are really good, but there are a few, dont go with the NL9 that comes out now and again, I really like the strain but its not even close to what most expect from a NL.

    I love Joey Weeds stuff, but the NL he does is more of a new style apeal and isn't the NL I know and love, not sayin its not a good strain, its a powerhouse, just not what an NL lover is really after.

    if the strenth is what you are after go with sensi's 2x5 not the 5x2that ya may see if its still around, its a crippling strain though, expect a lazy retardation to settle in on you...

    the most fool proof and affordable, go nirvana, its gets done early in and out and always grows super easy with fast recovery time and a good yield and look, the stone is very typical of a good NL. Even though this one is REAL cheap, a three week cure on a VERY dry bud will set ya up for a great buzz and a really excellent scent. a great place to see if its for you.

    hope this helps somebody and just a thought for ya guys............HGS NL5 x sensi nl2 is the G45 version of NL...1/4 lb per plant real easy. cross em guys you wont be sorry.......


  9. ^^^ Listen to this man.

    I'm good bro. All the old dogs are coming out of the woodwork eh?
  10. Most of what needs to be said already has been said above, but for my 2 cents worth the Sensi NL is probably as close as you are going to get to the old school as your hippie friend will get. I have smoked it and it is very good indeed. The Nirvana Northern lights would probably be a better option if cost is a factor as it is one of their longest established strains and should get you the results it promises. Finally although I am probably going to get some grief about it - you may also want to consider KC Brains Northern lights Special. This is also a CC winner and although i have not grown that exact strain of his I have had some excellent results with other KC strains
  11. Another vote for Sensi's NL.
  12. Thanks for all this info guys :D ive seen prices for NL that are in like the £300 range and I've seen some for like £30. Is it worth going all out? Also my friend is now tempted to do a purple strain.. Would you recommend this? Or just stick with NL?
  13. I would suggest Highgradeseeds. They don't gouge on prices like a lot of other seedbanks. Fair prices for fantastic genetics.
  14. YUP!

    excellent genetics, close yer eyes and pick one, there all good there. great customer relations too.
  15. I don't always buy seeds, but when I do, I buy HGS.

    Stay stoned, my friends.

  16. thats a fuckin hoot man!
  17. OSG...You've got a great sense of humor!
  18. awesome info! northern lights would never be my favorite strain, but i'd like to use it to breed with a lowryder hybrid to get a low odor breeder for sativa shrinking. from what i reecall, NL5 isn't too stony, but the 14" lowlife auto hindu kush i was looking at IS stony and i bet the 18" AK-47/hindu auto is STANKY and who wants their room all funky? i can catch whiffs of my low odor strains sometimes even with both an ionizer AND DIY carbon scrubbers. (BTW, if you get the bright idea of turning dirt cheap natural charcoal into a filter, don't waste your time. the down & dirty "slap an odor control $10 carbon furnace filter over a box fan" tech works a lot better.

    nirvana strains are a lot better than their price would suggest though there have been many complaints about either their autoflower or feminized lines. i've had pretty much 100% success with regular beans from both them and their sativa seeds sister company. if you want those, get them quick as i think those are another one of the strains they don't produce anymore though you can still get some of the oldies at doc's & gypsy's. i will say that their H19 skunk looks a lot hazier than high quality seeds' haze skunk which has some couchlock going on.

    i never would have considered sensi seeds as dutch banks seem to be mostly schwag these days except for barney's which i didn't know was dutch until a couple months ago.

    if he still carried it, the "real deal" would be from mr. nice as he's the original creator. i've bookmarked this thread and will try to look for smoke reports for nirvana, sensi & highgrade seeds. if nirvana is the shorty in the bunch though, i'd probably get that as my entire reason for wanting it is small size.

    it's too bad that there aren't more side by side comparisons of classic strains everyone carries. i never found out who's cali-o was best and nirvana's is gone now.
  19. No matter how old this is, when it comes to Northern Lights, I have to reply. I can honestly tell you that from the late 80's until now, I have grown or smoked every single Northern Lights strain I have seen offered from a seed bank or breeder.( except atomic NL, which I did smoke,but not grow.)

    I can tell you today,February 27th,2013 the best Northern Lights you can buy seeds to from any company is by far(and I mean far) Sensi seeds version. I don't care what anybody on the planet says about Sensi, or NL. They have the closest thing to the original you will ever find. I have had their NL seeds 8 or 9 different times,and they are always the same. I got the last batch in December of 2012. Same results. Short, stocky plants. When you put them into flowering, by the time you see the first few clusters of hairs,you will see the leaves are already covered with crystals and resin. This is the best indica (dominate) strain I have ever seen. I promise you,one big bong hit will make you a believer. But even before you smoke her you will be a believer after watching the buds grow,and the resin cover the plant.
    There are other good NL s out there, but they are just variations of the original, or someone elses idea of what it was or should be. I really don't think there is anything close to SensiS NL. Also,just a word to my fellow weed lovers. THC Bomb is an amazing fucking grower and smoker also. So is the Ultimate (DP). And BC mango. I only mention these because if you are looking for a stout,sturdy ( the Ultimate can be big/ tall) strain of potent/crystally buds that are easy to grow and grow huge buds-try those. I did not have to search for pheno types with any of those seeds. I have alot more experience with NL, but the others were all awesome.

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