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Discussion in 'General' started by crash32097, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Looking for the best seed companies with top notch genetics that will ship to U.S., so far I've gone with Nirvana and Barney's Farm.
    NIRVANA: Great seed company but limited on selection, ships discretely with 10 free random regular seeds.
    Grew out two bubblicious and a Master Kush, loved both but lacked that bombshell look I'm after.
    BARNEY'S FARM: So far so good, got three free Super Kush seeds with my order of 5 Feminised Cookies Kush, currently growing the CK in dwc so we will see.

    Basically looking for top notch genetics from reputable seed banks, any input would be great, thanks

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  2. Look into TGA Genetics. I've never tried them but read good things about them and they seem to have a no BS policy. I've avoided them because they don't make feminized seeds.

    TGAgenetics Subcool Seeds - TGA Genetics
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  3. Oregon Green Seed
    The Dank Team are both us based. Gorilla is good but uk based

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  4. I use alibongo great guys that work there. They keep you updated by email or call you.
    Always get free seeds.

    Just found out today. heavyweight seeeds had to change there "strawberry cheesecake" name. Apparently big budha has liscenced the name "cheese"!

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  5. Does Oregon green seed require a mmj license to ship

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