Best Night Followed by Worst Night

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  1. so the other night i had to work till close to ten. after that i hooked up with my two buddies and these other two chicks.. we loaded the two largest bowls i have smoked in my life. by the time we were done i, along with everyone else in the car was fuckin buggin. we get back to drop the girls off and go to my place when both of the girls say to me.. wanna have an orgy? so i called my friends back quick and we took the girls to a empty parking lot. we took turns fucking there brains out and it was a really great time. my friend described it as more of a game than sex even. these girls were our smokin buddies for months and now we just pounded both of them over and over.
    the next night we took xanax bars in the morning and by night were really really high and xanaxed up. our eyes looked really chiefed out and eye drops were of no use. we showed up at his house and went upstairs. his parents immediately thought something was up because of our eyes. they had been suspicious of us times before but this time they searched my buddies car and found everything. they called us down stairs and cross examined the shit out of us. we kept pulling up facts about why marijuana is safer than drinking and smoking ciggerettes. but they never listened they just kept saying we will get reputations and all of our friends will leave us. they called my parents who have known i had smoked in the past but didn't know i had recently, i do daily though. this guy was my best friend and now we probably aren't going to be allowed to hang out by his dick parents. this will be hard because we have been almost daily smokers for months and months.

    tell me what you think
  2. I think you're a reprobate and your parents need to hit you harder in order that you might learn the error of your wicked ways.
  3. don't worry about it, they just dont realize that you guys are too old for them to be picking your friends like that and they dont really know what your gonna do or who you're gonna be around when your not in their presence. its just like smoking, you still find a way to do it every day. when my friend's parents tried to do that and make her not hang out with me we ended up hanging out more often than before. haha. now that i think about it i don't think anyones parents liked me. just cause i smoke weed. fuck em.
  4. The first story sounds like......

  5. There's an orgy in Duck Tales? Must've missed that part..
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    Uncle Scrooge fucks the maid and Launchpad in his safe full of gold coins and greenbacks. Episode 74.

    And how the hell are your friend's parents going to make you stop hangin out with your friend? If you're old enough (which you should be since you're on this forum), you should be able to do whatever the hell you want outside of yours and his parents' house. Have him walk down a block or two and pick him up and cause havoc and fuck those stoner chicks again.
  7. i probably wouldve fucked both of those chicks by myself instead of callin my friend.

    am i greedy?
  8. not at all, sir, not at all. even would have made them fight for the load.
  9. haha, alright dude...
  10. I would of done the same... lol.

    But to the OP, I bet things will calm down within a week or so. And I don't think his parents would say, "You can't hang out with _____." At least not if you are 18+.
  11. its only gay if the balls touch
  12. Win.

    Why didn't I think of that?!?!?!

  13. ....

    QFT :smoking:
  14. i don't see how two adults "can't be friends anymore"?

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