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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dartanianlives, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. So maybe this unethical (or even cruel), but a buddy of mine owes me a few (actually about 10, but I don't want to bother with the circumstances). Anyhow, lets just say that I took care of some guys giving him / his girl trouble (yes, violently). In the end, I finally called on him to repay the favor. He really isn't all that great at anything except growing; but he stopped growing possibly a year ago (kept moving around, news jobs, etc). Well, he is finally settled down, and I have asked him to repay the favor by growing me some buds. Though he was reluctant, he felt it would was probably the easiest way for him to repay our friendly debt.

    So here is the question for all your growers out there. First off, he told me I need to pick up to 4 strains for him to get a hold of (if it isn't diverse, he gets bored ... for some reason). Also, he wants to know how much weight I am looking to pull down from this single harvest.

    Now here is where everyone comes in ... since I can get 4 different strains, I am looking to diversify the highs. Does anyone have recommendations? I am looking to get a very stoned, don't want to move a foot, type high. A very upbeat, body high. A high yielding, high quality high for sale purposes, and I am also looking for the best tasting, highly potent high. Does anyone have suggestions for the above?

    So far one of my other growing friends said definitely get a good amount of White Widow for personal use. Get some Duboin Poison for personal use. Try to find a high yielding strain of Skunk / Big Bud. And for the best tasting, he offered something called Strawberry Cough or Sweet Island. Anyone have other suggestions or could comfirm these as good choices?

    Also, as for the weight. My budy said he doesn't want to produce more than 4 lbs total. How should I split all of this up?

    Suggestions please! Once this process gets rollin' I am goin' to just smoke my ass into the ground for the next couple of months until he shows up with hug zips of BEAUITUFL buds. Also - some kid told me to find Midnight Moon or some weird strain that is basically solid purple. WTF is that all about? I know of purps, but this kid said it is like BARNEY the dinosaur purple with only vague green colors.

  2. som personaly favorits are ak-47 delivers huge body stone that hits hard.
    white russian: has one of highest thc levels 23%
    b52:huge yield with great quiality
    hope this gets u started
  3. I like to grow something different every time I grow as well. Some of my favorites are: B52- just can't beat that yield(also great if you wana do some crosses) Jack horr- Utterly covered in thc; and my personal favorite is papaya- pretty strong stuff with a nice mango taste and aroma. As far as a up high just go with any haze and you should be good. I've never grown any myself though.
  4. get a white strain, purple strain, and a fruity strain

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