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  1. So from looking through a bunch of old threads and reading up on what the best bong is for ~$50 i decided to pick up a travel tube from SSFG on etsy. It comes with a clear slitted bushing diffuser and clear slide but i want to add a little something extra within the next week or so and i have no idea what to add. Now im a complete noob to the bong world and dont really know what a good addition to this bong would be. I was thinking about getting a disc diffused carbon filter slide from SSFG but ive never tried carbon filter and idk if ill like it. Basically, my question is: what is the best accessory (under $40) to add to an SSFG travel tube bong?
  2. A new slide probably.
  3. Manifest ash catcher is what I'd add for $45. Has a slotted downstem like the bong and the label matches anything. Would add a smoke chamber, diffusion, and keep the bong clean.

    But a worked slide would add some color to the piece. A carbon filter will do the same job as an AC but is smaller (and you need active carbon on hand). I have some and they're great but an AC is better in my opinion.
  4. Pre-coolers are pretty sweet.
  5. carbon filter
  6. Yeah that ac does look pretty sick. But i dont know if i want to spend that much on just an ac, because im gonna get another slide regardless. is it really worth the extra money?

    and everyone else, please put why you think its the best accessory as well and show a specific product so i know whats good quality.
  7. Honestly, most nice ACs cost triple that +. I just spent $150 on a used one, but it could have been $250+. The good thing about glass is it holds it's value, until damaged highly or outdated. $45 can't be beat.

    You can just use your current slide in the AC until you upgrade that. I recommend ice pinch slides.
  8. Yeah i guess thats true, but now how do i know that manifest makes good glass for the price. if theyre usually so expensive then how come this one is so much cheaper? sorry i just want to make sure i get the right thing the first time [:

    and any particular one?
  9. Add a showerhead downstem you can buy one from soulshinefamilyglass for $35
  10. That's a great price.^

    Manifest doesn't make anything that isn't quality glass - same with name brands like Stone Glass Works or RooR. But their designs are pretty simple.. some say out of date others say classic design.

    If you were to spend $180 US on a RooR ash catcher, it would not have a diffusing downstem. The manifest is diffused the same as your bong.

    Another plus is the downstem is built into the Manifest, unlike the RooR. You have to remove it to clean (more pieces isn't always better).

    Although a showerhead style, tree, or other style ash catcher is preferred by some so they spend the money for it. The Manifest is a cheap, reliable and well functioning unit on a budget build. They sell most of their glass cheap - you can get a beaker or straight tube etc for like $140 @ Aqualabtech

    Now of course I'm not saying Manifest compares to RooR, just using them as an example.
  11. I just picked up a six-arm Manifest A/C and I have to say the price was right for what it gives me : really high quality glass with great diffusion and no frills. I go for the most practical pieces and I feel like the MGW really achieves that.
  12. Carbonite filter. So good, cleans up great with some iso and honestly filters out wild amounts of crap, pipes need to be cleaned far less, though I clean mine out a lot no matter what, I don't like the smell.
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    I actualy just purchased this tube check out my thread new tube from ssfg with pics in toking tools but iwould deff get a new bowl or ac though the bowl it came with is incredibly tiny
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    Yeah that makes sense, i think you might have convinced me to get an a/c instead of that SSFG slide lol. what is ur setup if you dont mind me asking?

    lol yeah i just noticed that. how is it?? everything is made really well right? and what slide do you think would go good with it?

    can you pm me where you got this?

    would this filter out a lot more than the other 2 manifest ash catchers that were recommended? and whats a good brand that sells carbonite filters? also, how often do you have to actually replace the carbonite filter?
  15. Ash catcher.
  16. BEELINE or ashcatcher....

    also a epic case for bong is the best accesory!!!!!!!

    I personally own magic taylor bags which KICK ASS!!!


  17. yea the tuube is solid as hell with some tank joints...i would reccommend any decent sized 14mm slide that catches your eye, i really like ice pinch slides if thats somthing your into
  18. It's a good choice.

    Currently I have

    SGW Waffle Bubbler, Toro AC, stock ice pinch slide
    SGW Turbine straight, EHLE carbon filter & stock one hitter bowl
    Left Coast straight, Alex K showerhead, RooR carbon filter, EHLE bowl

    I will be selling some off and buying various things, so I'm not the best person to ask that too! A lot of the members here are big into glass so spend a lot. That first piece is worth about $400+ for example.
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    A carbonite filter works as an ashcatcher itself, never needs to be changed like carbon. You just need to clean it with iso and it's back to its original condition, I'd recommend 91%, it'll work faster. Every time you clean it out you will be amazed by how much black tar infested iso pours out! As for brands... mine isn't a brand (that i know of), I know the company 'carbonite' makes them and other no names do as well. Its basically a GoG part that is a cylinder with the carbonite stone in the middle with 3 'ice pinches' above and below. check the bottom of this thread:

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