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Best Netflix Stoner Movies?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by ChickenJewel, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. So blades and ents, what are you top favorite Stoner related movies on either US, Canada, or UK Netflix. (with the Hola Extension for chrome you can switch between them btw)
    My favorites are:
    1. The Union
    2. Degenerate Art
    3. Harold and Kumar 1-3
    4. DMT

  2. Super high me
  3. Mac and Devin go to high school is the shit
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  4. Its not a movie...but Louis C.K.'s "Louie" is an an amazing show. Especially while smoking some trees.
  5. Buds House is a funny one I foundSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Reincarted about snoop dogg going Jamaica. Giving it a try right meow UPDATE- definately worth watching! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    I watched this shit stoned and it wasn't even funny when I was baked out of my mind. Or when I was mildly baked. Or when I finally sobered up. 
    The only reason people even gave this shit film a second's mention is because Wiz Derpifa and Snoop Derp were in it. They should both stick to making crappy music instead of making horrible movies. 
  8. I loved it, saw it many times.

    Another great movie :)
    Yea lol, big shitty

    Will have to check this out.
    Yea haha
    never finished this one, but I'll try it now.

    I know this isn't on Netflix but check out Getting Doug With High in YouTube. Shit is hilarious!

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    I genuinely find it strange that anyone likes that movie. It's more so about having good standards, I guess.
  10. idk man, when I'm baked with the right strain everything becomes funny. You know when your at 'that level' hahaha.

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  11. Just saw HER. I know it's not on netflix, but I'm rocked right now that movie just freaked my sh##

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  12. what did you watch it on? Streaming from a website? This sounds more of a horror then stoner in my opinion.

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  13. not really a stoner movie but ferris buellers day off when I was blazed was hilarious
  14. Nope.Not horror. A guy who has a relationship with his computer. The operating system comes to life. It's like romantic comedy.

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  15. sounds like something I would like. How did you watch it though. Online?

    is it on Netflix? Also thanks for the answers!

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  16. Yo pulp fiction,lisence to drive, or if they have it im gonna git you sucka
  17. Also office space. Sorry you have to be older to appreciate I think

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  18. Jay and Silent Bob strike back!

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  19. watch Lynching Charlie Lynch.

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