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Best netflix movies while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sixxdnzg, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Im looking for documentaries, awesome shows like lost, flash forward, heroes. Comedies. Dramas. Thrillers etc etc.

    Let me know guys
  2. All the National Geographic documentaries are great to watch on Netflix while stoned.
  3. how stoned
  4. Weeds, Saturday night live
  5. Leaves of 'motherfuckin' grass
  6. Id say just high. Not stoned. Not buzzing. But just want to chill out with good shit to watch
  7. Food Inc.
  8. Humboldt country
    Good movie pretty funny

    Or watch the green rush it about 3 growers
  9. Breaking Bad
    Arrested Development
    Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, Southpark
    The Event
    Forensic Files
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    Why does everyone like it I found it a snorer

    There's a YouTube movie with a Indian kid who does the same thing but his is in HD and far more interesting and not as boring
  11. Oh also Friday. Currently on and Chris Tucker is funny as shit!
  12. Weeds, That 70's Show, Futurama, and Drawn Together are my favorites. Don't really watch the movies, so I can't really think of any.

    They used to have How High on the instant, but then they go rid of it for some reason. That shit is SO funny.
  13. Clerks 1/2! It a pretty funny movie :laughing:
  14. best documentaries: the union:the bussiness behind getting high, how weed won the west. Best TV shows: Lost, Weeds, Dexter. Best movies: Both cheech and Chongs, and austin powers
  15. There's a Spanish language movie called Ladron Que Roba a Ladron (The Thief Who Robs the Thief) that's pretty badass to watch high. It's like a cheesy Oceans 11 type thing where these two thieves get back at this guy who is rich from selling fake products on infomercials by pulling an elaborate heist at his mansion. It's cheesy and all but generally really fun and has its good bits so if you're down with subtitles I'd watch it it. Perfect fun high movie.
  16. (see avatar)
  17. How has nobody said The Office yet ?!!
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    I loved avatar. By far my favorite cartoon!!! Do u know any others that are similar to it?

  19. link?

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