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    I have decided I am going to move to the N Cali area. I am 50 yrs old, a musician, keep to myself for the most part and will get a MMJ card. Which N Cali county would be the best to live, work, and grow personal smoke with no hassle from authorities? I plan to buy a modest property (100K range) and get a modest job. Currently I like fishing, disc golf, golf, outdoors activities. (hiking, sightseeing ect)

  2. Humboldt.  [​IMG]
    If I ever win the lottery; Humboldt County here I come.  :p
  3. I don't plan on winning a lottery so living within my means is an important factor in a decision on where to move.
  4. Any where from sac county through sf will be kinds steep. Look north. Humbolt, trinity, Shasta, yuba, butte, sutter. Can't go wrong.
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    Thank You. Not to be too picky, (my eventual choice will depend on employment which fortunatly as a medical equipment technician with excellent references gives me a good shot at a decent job) But in your humble opinion which of those counties have the best weather overall? I hear it is very hot in the valley. Are all these counties so close that weather is about the same? My Mother will be moving with me and I would like her to enjoy this experience to the max.
  6. That is the dilemma for most ca people. Move north and live the simple life away from the big cities where work is hard to find or go down to the Bay Area where finding a job is not tuff but I hate the city life. If you don't like the heat look towards the coast or maybe higher elevation.
  7. i have a buddy who just moved back here from eureka........he told me that you have to make sure everything there is locked up tight, otherwise your leaf blower that you left in your backyard for 20 minutes may just disappear. we have both stayed in a city with a big meth problem, and my buddy said eureka is much worse than the city im in now.
    i was born and raised in ohio so i personally have no idea, thats just my two cents on the matter from what ive heard of friends.
    i had some peeps that ran into trouble around clearlake, too. so im not too sure if that place would want to be your scene, either.
  8. That's what I figured, once again I believe the job will chose the location for me. Thanks again... I appreciate the help.
  9. Yep... Come to Cali and you will see why we don't need it legal.
  10. How is Mendocino County?
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    It's nice. It's just a little to off the grid for me. I am 28 trying to start a family so I chose the country living in Chico ca. 4bd 2 bath a little under 2 acres. 200k. I came from the bay area anround sf so its a nice change of pace for me. It does get hot as hell seeing how it is supposed to be 109 here this weekend but there are rivers lakes flumes
    Swimming holes all over the place. I love it here. I could not see my self leaving for really any where else in the world. Ok maybe If they keep screwing us in our gun rights ( the hunting is good compared
    To most but not as great as the south) Might have to leave but we got the constitution on our side for that.

    For the crazey stalkers. I don't live directly in Chico so don't come looking.
  12. Haha at the thing about stalkers. 
    I'm planning on going out there either to N. California or Oregon. I'm ultimately going to fly out there for vacation to get a feel for things first but I want to go somewhere where it's kind of country and I could have a house out in the woods but still be able to drive to a close city for work. I already have half the money I plan on going out there with saved up and I'll get the other half fairly quick so the clock is ticking lol
  13. Humbolt if you plan on growing outdoor. Sonoma county has subcool420 the weed nerd (enter that on youtube). He lives near Santa Rosa.
  14. True humbolt is more laxed on the grow laws but we get the better climate down this way. The further north you go the more you will battle the rain. Last year I had 2 days of rain during flower. It stays really dry down here and the plants love it
  15. Check out some of the Oregon grow journals. They are just now planting. I had plants out in march with lights and in ground in April. We have the better weather. Cali really has the best grow climate.
  16. I've lived in a lot of parts of Cali. Theres more jobs south, many medical tech jobs in Tulare county ,kings county, etc.

    Land is reasonable here as well. You could get a 3 bedroom 2 bath for 80-120k in some of these parts.
  17. Yeah I frequently browse the Oregon/Cali grow journals. Seems like Oregon would battle with mold and PM a lot. I just want to be somewhere north of San Francisco. SoCal doesn't really seem like it would fit me.
  18. Yep. And any where north of sf is beautiful. Along hwy 101. Major weed runner hwy. screw so cal. I could do it and had to bale
  19. Hwy 101? I'll have look into the areas around it. 
  20. It goes all the way along the coat line from
    The Canada boarder all the way down to so cal. It's a epic drive

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