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Best Musroom Trips

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MR Budweiser, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. Hey everybody, I wanna hear about you all time BEST mushroom trips.

    #1: It was in the spring of 2000, i was at a party at my buddies place, and ther wer 6 of us guys and five of his parents friends. Four of us kids were on shrooms, the rest drunk.
    Now picture it, this party contained:
    A guy named Budweiser (that's me) SHROOMS
    A small skinny ass english boy (my buddy Pip) SHROOMS
    My good friend Bruce that some how, coincedentally or something, looks exactly like me SHROOMS
    A short (5'3) fat native kid (my boddy Baboi) SHROOMS
    Two more teenage guys
    My buddy Bruce's parents
    A 50 sumthing year old retired Jamaican cop
    One of the 9-ball doubles world champion twin sisters
    A 35 year old party animal on relapse from a 72 hour party in Louisianna, where the sun didn't really go down for him SHROOMS
    A couple more drunk adults

    Tony, the party animal has a hairline that goes something like this:

    ( oo )

    And his hair is long slinky and really curly, like a black persons hair.
    I have to admit, he was the funniest guy I've ever met.

    My buddy Pip and I were just downstairs playing pool, we actually beat the (ball champion twin and the retired cop, and we went upstairs to see Tony sitting alone on the couch with a bowl of cheetos, so we sit down and start eating them, and tony grabs one, holds it up, and says, "CHEEEEE, toh" and we all burst into laughter.

    Then the five of us on mushrooms, Tony included, and my other 2 buddies went out to the garage to smoke a doobie. While we were smoking it, the ex-cop came in with a walkie talkie, and said something about punk teens smoking marijuana here, the look at us and yelled, "YAY SHROOMS."

    A bit Later, we went for a walk, and as soon as we got outside, it was just us kids, one of my buddies on shrooms looks up and says, "whoa, guys, look up there, in the sky."
    We all looked up, and saw a clod that, in crystal clear perception, showed Bob Marley's upper third of his body, he pulled his hand up to his mouth, winked, and faded slowly with the wind. Even the drunkguys saw it, so we weren't just trippin' there. We went and smoked a joint at a bus turn around point, and I ended up seeing one of my very good, very gorgeous friend's gorgeous little sister. Ain't it weird, you always seem to see people you know when you're on mushrooms. Then on the way back, there is a big tree in a yard by his, and it looked like a huge pot leaf.

    There was alot of other shit on this night, like my budyy Baboi blacking out in the bathroom, smoking his head on the tub, and giving him a black eye for two months, but I've got toher trips.

    #2: One of my mushroom parties when I was living on my own.
    The Highlite of the trip

    It seemed to be a mushroom night in my room, because my room was the one with te blacklight and strobe light. My room, which was pretty much the living room too, had 18 people in it.

    I usually smoke pot when I'm on shrooms, but I heard it took the hallucinations away. This was my first time not smoking while zooming.

    I was lying on my waterbed, which was directly in the middle of the room.
    At my right side was this girl named Amber with her arm around me, cutie, but I was taken. Past her was the trippiest wall i had ever seen, my two posters, the trippies posters any of my friends have ever seen, were going crazy with the black light on them.
    One of them has a very trippy background, with thirteen spheres and in each spere is a different scene. It's hard to tell, because it is all psychedellic coulors, but I see cool places. One being the capital city building, I think, with the huge waterfront behind it, and fireworks, must be the fourth of July. Another being a spot on Mars, with a pool of water. There is a river in between huge rock hills leading into the ocean. One looks like the Hawaiian Islnd with a huge whirlpool in the middle. One is the dessert, with a cactus, one is a top of a castle, one is a mansion on what looks like a pennsylvania.hill you see on TV, one looks like the Grand Canyon with a monument of two dves facing up, bellies together, and the other ones are undescribable.
    My other poster has, from top to bottom, a chapel roof and walls with mountains inside it and a lake in front of them with a waterfall that gets sucked down into a blackhole in the middle of a bunch of stars with bubbles floatin down the sides. Whew! that was long.
    And beside them was a bare spot of cement wall, which was crazier than the posters.
    All in front of me was filled with people standing there, my buddy scott was swaying back and forth with an enormous smile on his face, he looked like he was from a cartoon, and had a TV fuzz, you know what I mean, black and white dots, in front of him and only him.
    Back to the story, on my left side was my buddy Jeff, my three chairs filled with people. My strobe light was on the left, and when i looked to that half of the room, every indent and corner and line on everything had red digital lines.

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