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  2. It's hard for me to pick just one artist or song. It really depends on my mood. I listen to a little bit of everything......from pink floyd and bad company to rob zombie. I even listen to country sometimes.......but some of it is just a little too depressing. LOL.
  3. hi when your stoned hav a listed to bob seager this will do the trick fot you LOL
  4. You are indeed right.........I do happen to love Bob Seagar. Metallica's version of Turn the Page is nothing compared to the original. Bob Seagar is one of my favorite artists to play on the jukebox at our tavern in town!!!
  5. the doors when sober or stoned. 'specialy roadhouse blues when feeling like a badass.... haha....


  7. the doors movie is the shit when stoned, i only seen half of it though, i really wanna to see the rest. I can listen to anything depending on my mood, when i'm depressed i listen to insane clown posse because it calms me down, i duno why.
  8. Bob Marley is good. Capleton, Anthony B, and Sizzla are the best reggae cats out today. I would recommend Capleton out of al of them though.
  9. I like eminem and most other rap I love korn and limp bizkit too

  10. HAHAHAHA... Apart from will young you have mentioned all my musical (well that's debatable in my view) hates. I hate will young... He and allan yentob will PAY.

    Will young cos he fucking did a !!!SHITE!!! cover of light my fire in the uk and REALLY REALLY fucked it up (he didn't even get the words right "you know that I would be a liar if i were to say to you that our love becomes a funeral pire" were will young's exact words- SHIT DID NO ONE TELL YOU IT'S "girl we couldn't get much HIGHER". SUPER TWAT!!! BASTARD FUCKUP I'M GONNA EAT HIS LIVER!!!)

    Alan yentob because *SOB* he cancelled... gulp... he canceled thundercats- the best fucking kids tv program I ever saw- HE RUINED MY TV CHILDHOOD!! BAAAAAAAASTARD!

    I'm in a bad mood now...


  12. i love bob.....that acoustic medley off the songs of freedom box set is absolutely dope........i also love listening to hip hop.....more of the relaxing underground not really too huge on mainstream stuff
  13. fuck hip hop

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  14. why fuck hiphop???? what has it done to you buddy!!???
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  16. i fucking hate limp bizkit, korn, and eminem, m&m because he's a fucking homophobe, limp bizkit cuz of that bitch fred durst, and korn cuz they suck. no hard feelings though, i listen to literally fucking everything, except for country. i listen to a lot of punk, by the word punk i do not mean blink 182 or sum 41, i mean the germs, dead kennedys, black flag, etc. i also love a lot of hardcore bands like CONVERGE!!! and poison the well, i listen to a lot of alternative, weezer, sonic youth, alot of emo, weakerthans, sunny day real estate, classic rock, sabbath, zeppelin, floyd, alot of goth, the cure, joy division, HIM, and alot of other shit too. i don't care what you listen to as long as you feel the music.
  17. This dude's cool ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  18. yeah yo well summed up........YOUR REAL ha i hate durst an all that ish as well........182 dont get me you know any thirty year olds that still talk about high school and shit, cause i sure as fuck dont

  19. LOL nice says alot....HIP HOP IS THA BEST LOL so is rap although all the good rappers is dissapearing but krazie bone came out with that buddha song wich is fly as hell!!! AND CYPRESS FUCKING RULES!! it dont get any better than that and thats all hip hop PSYCHO REALM is phat too hip hop is everywhere man frum urban areas and the influence wasss soooo strong its up in tha burbs too!! although since u guys are stating what u dont like i hate INSANE CLOWN POSSE god its such an act them and KOTTON MOUTH KINGS are the same same page same level of wackness juss my opinon!! slim shady is pimp thou man his lyrics n how he spits them is unique and authentic for enjoy it....n all the other stuff frum marley to doors is all phat cept PHISH damn thats the lamest ever lol i think thats the 3 i just dont like phish icp n KmK besides them 3 im gooooooddd!!!back to mah bong CYPRESS....

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

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