best music in car: what do you listen to?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by alkthro, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. What's the best genre/music to listen to after tokin' up for you?

    mine is usually old shitty club rap-ish stuff they made like in junior high. i can always use me some luda after blazin.
  2. If i'm in my car I like to listen rap the most. I like to sing in my car so any songs I know the lyrics to is good
  3. jungle/DnB, or Wayne Krantz.
  4. whatever my brother is playing...
    its ight though, its usually good music.
  5. Phish of course.... But I'm a damn hippie!!!!! anybody that prefers rap would not like my music... I was brought up on the Beatles, led zepplin, pink floyd, doors, boston, styx, billy joel, queen and other oldies... I love the guitar when I'm blazed with friends cruzin so pink floyd works for most... BUT I PREFER PHISH
  6. Doors when im cruisin high. Ain't nothin like 'Roadhouse blues' while youre cruisin stoned.
  7. i usually listen to metalcore/deathcore lol. but i like some sublime or slightly stoopid or ska.
  8. try listening to the strokes while drivin. reptilia is a great cruisin' song.
  9. Styles P or any LOX/D Block
  10. shit....all kinds of stuff, depends on my mood realy..but usually i'll put on some Alice In chains, Metallica, Black Sabbath...shit like that, otherwise i'll go for shit like Snoop or NWA.
  11. anything with a lot of bass. PUTS, Missez, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, ATCQ, Del, Hieroglyphics, Portishead, MF DOOM, Nas, Radiohead...
  12. i got a lotta favorites. .

    but Chronic 2001 is a classic to just bump off the bat when your high in a car
  13. Rap with good bass.
    Triple 6 Mafia, BG, Juvenile, Lil Flip, Camron, The Game.
  14. listen to ludacris alot and gotta have the cater 3 (fuck haters:p)

    i love chevelle and the deftones though
    a nice marley cd is purdy awesome when your drivin

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