best music for being stoned

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by BoNgBoY4LiFe, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. What's your favorite music to listen to when you are stoned?

    Mine has definitely got to be Sublime. but i'm not talking about that trendy Sublime shit that everyone knows, i mean their good underground stuff thats all about drugs and what not.
  2. depends on my mood, if im riding, i like anything that has lots of different sounds to it, i normally get stuck listenen to the drum and bass, terrible isnt it?
  3. deftones or tool..
  4. Any cool techno shit...but more specifically on the Fight Club soundtrack theres this song called "Medulla Oblongata"/Slipknot of course/ and last but not least Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon.
  5. read my sig i like music like that :p
  6. ben harper, jack johnson, first beastie boy cd...
  7. MARLEY!!! sublime rocks too... im also into jam type music ie Dave Matthews Band and Phish
  8. Just about every Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin song :D
  9. best song to listen to when your stoned is definitely Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. if you focus on the guitar rift during the whole song, you start going crazy
  10. Hm, weid. Noone ever mentioned anything from Ninja Tunes Records. On that label you can find anithing you need as a soundtrack for your Highs..

    Got Mr Scruff-jazzy beats for sunshine days

    Got The Herbalizer- (duh)

    Got Amon Tobin-heavy beats an loads of drums and weird stuff

    And you've got Nightmares on Wax-when you REALLY want to relax
  11. Incubus (S.C.I.E.N.C.E is great)
    Rush (Tom Sawyer, The Trees, both great songs)

  12. Oh ja man. I love Primus. Started listening to them about the same time I started smoking.
  13. my favorite music when im stoned is sublime or cypress hill
  14. I have heard so much about pink floyd but for some reason never downloaded any of their tunes. TIME TO CHANGE THINGS :D *searches for pink floyd - Dark Side of the Moon*
  15. Sublime
    Kottonmouth Kings
  16. i like listening to kyuss or doom metal in general like cathedral,electric wizard,sleep and so on.
  17. Get me some Bob Dylan+Grateful've got you intellectual lyrics that make you think, your phsycadelic guitar, and your ska with pot induced lyrics. Thats all i need.
  18. what to listen?

    i like all kinds on reggae music. and if i pot in my hall and after that i go to the city. with bus really. and then when i am sitting there, usually i listen mu mp3 cd's. and really it contains marley, steel pulse, third world, ub40 and so on...
  19. goa trance, ie. infected mushroom, talamasca, hallucinogen

    (it's not only for being stoned, also for tripping on 'other' tripping methodes :D )
  20. Reggae all the way :)

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