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best music appreciation drug?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Titoelbambino, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. so far i've only really been able to sit back and enjoy music on the herb... every time i did e i was busy doing other things, and i haven't tried shrooms yet. I don't know what else makes music better, but in you guys' experience, what's the best music-enhancing drug?
  2. I love cannabis and music I get the same type of thing from alcohol and music. Music was great on E but I've heard of LSD being pretty badass with music.
  3. I heard with LSD, you can see the music. That sounds pretty fucking fun.

    And when I rolled, music was the most impressive thing ever.
  4. LSD. There's a reason why everybody at Woodstock was on it.
  5. weed was the best for me. i'll have to drop acid alone sometime, i was too focused on talking to people to feel like listening to music
  6. Obv acid lol, then E, then maybs weed.
  7. mdma, xanax, weed, & booze

    im not into psychedelics shits too weird for me
  8. Psychedelics, preferably RCs.
  9. LSD or MDMA i can actually feel the music:D
  10. mdma fo show. caps and cid are def still pretty good
  11. Hallucinogens

    Echoes by Pink Floyd on a 10strip was like flying over some weird planet with dancing mushrooms and all kinds of other crazy shit going on on the ground as i flew over the land. I had my eyes closed btw, shit didn't just manifest in reality haha.
  12. Y'know when you hear a song that you like, and it makes you feel reeeally happy? Like, you just want to listen to it over and over again because it sounds so good to you? MDMA makes every song like that. Every note is in the right place, and you never want it to end. ^^

    2C-I and a big fat bowl gave me a pretty sweet experience; I closed my eyes and all the sudden, I was riding on a synth. Like, my stomach was actually 'moving' a bit like I was on a roller coaster. I could almost feel wind blowing through my hair~

    Shroomies are pretty sweet with music, too. Just nothing too dissonant, for me; it makes me uncomfortable.

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