Best Multifunctional Form Of Hash?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by STilladelph, May 21, 2013.

  1. I just harvested 3 plants and have a lot of frosty trim. I usually make QWISO but id like to be able to make edibles and ecig cartridges.

    Id like to be able to make one big batch of hash and just use it for different thing.

    My only concern is what form of hash is best for multipurpose use? Bubble? Qwiso? BHO?

    I'm kind of leaning towards bubble hash because I don't have equipment to vacuum purge.
  2. ISO will work and so will butane. Bubble wouldnt be as good cause its got plant matter in it. You dont need to have a vac to make oil. especially if its for edibles since decarbing it will purge off solvent quite well.
  3. Should I decarb before I do the ISO run or do u decarb the finished product
  4. I personally like to decarb my material before running it. so if you're not running huge amounts, I would say decarb before you run, I find it really easy that way.
  5. Will that affect the quality of the hash I choose to smoke? Like after I decarb it is that form of THC still good to smoke or only ingest?

    Sorry never had success with edibles before but I do love me some hash
  6. You can still smoke it but it wont taste as good as if you didnt. If you plan to smoke some, save a little to keep not-decarb'd before running it separately.
  7. I was trying to avoid separate runs just for the sake of time and space but if its inevitable then its inevitable.

    Random question: can you burn hash in a DBV or SSV? Lookin to buy one soon
  8. I know the DBV has a Ti nail attachment so you can dab off it, otherwise I would imagine you could melt a tad ontop of the bud like topping a bowl still.
  9. If we still had rep+ id give ya one lol

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