Best Movies To Watch When Your Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by BreezyF, May 29, 2012.

  1. What is the best movies in your opinion to watch when high. I personally prefer super bad and the prestige
  2. Idk about movies, but i love watching regular show, or hey arnold, rugrats with some close freinds couch bound.
  3. Half baked
    Dude, where's my car
  4. inb4thisdoesntgohereorthishasbeendonebefore
  5. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show, what a trip that one is
  6. i like to get super baked, turn off all the lights and watch the new Tron. BRIGHT COLORS!!
  7. Unintentionally funny ones.
  8. Stereotypical but I love watching pineapple express, it's like them smoking so much intensifies your own high.
  9. Watch Pandorum. I saw that movie when it came out and it was good, i watched it stoned and it BLEW MY MIND. i've been talking about it for 3 days and it hasn't left my mind since.
  10. This has never been asked before
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    idk about movies but top gear is the best show to watch stoned. literally the funniest show on tv.

  12. Watched one of those Family Guy Star Wars movies. Recommended!
  13. Watched

    Pineapple Express
    Half baked


    I bet Weirdsville would be an awesome movie to watch while high.
  14. ADVENTURE TIME!! (Not a movie, but this shit is awesome even when you're sober haha)
    Your highness
    Pineapple express
    Tenacious D
    Any nature documentary (I'm a hippie at heart, what can I say?)
  15. oh this reminds me, ancient aliens and the universe are amazing stoned.
  16. Family guy is hilarious when you're high

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