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Best movies to watch when stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SimplyBaked, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. My brother told me to get baked and watch Donnie Darko. Best advice ever. That movie will mind fuck you so hard.
  2. The Hurt Locker 
  3. Akira,big labowski,inception, any hayao Miyazaki movie.
  4. John Dies at the End.  D/ling donnie darko now.
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    I'm not going to recommend a movie based on the premise that you should be stoned while watching it. 


    Jeff Who Lives At Home
    World War Z
    The Prisoners
    This is 40
    Four Brothers
    Star Trek
    Jack Reacher
    Les Miserable

    They're all good movies. 
  6. Collateral. Tom Cruise is a hitman and Jamie Foxx is the cabbie who has to drive him around to his targets.
  7. I have watched lots of movies high, but only a few have been really notable.
    1. Joe dirt. I don't much care for the movie but I watched it high once and laughed the whole time
    2. X-men. The part where wolverine stabs the blue chick fucking blew my mind, made the whole movie worth watching, it was awesome.
    3.INTO THE UNIVERSE WITH STEVEN HAWKINGS. Hands down the greatest thing to watch while high, it's on Netflix and the time travel episode and the aliens episode are so incredible, it can't be explained. Please watch this.

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  8. Yes! I've never seen it high, but it is a great fucking documentary.

    If you like that you should really check out the series "The Universe". Oh my gosh such a good series.

    I am an astronomy nerd though. Very good watch.


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