best movies to watch high

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    labyrinth-david bowie all the way
    mr bean's holiday
    grandma's boy (of course)
    donnie darko
    dazed and confused
  2. a movie to really freak u out when your blazed in my opinion is the shining...there has to be no other light but the tv too...the first time i smoke hash pucks me and my cousin put in the shining and we got so freaked out that we had to shut it off but it was a cool experience
  3. Smiley Face - a very realistic stoner movie, very funny, and finally a girl stoner movie.

    twilight zone the movie - the old one made in the 70s, its a classic.

    Tencaious D in the pick of destiny - just hilarious, especially when ur high

    i like animated movies too like the nightmare before christams, alice in wonderland, and aladdin.
  4. Office Space for sure
  5. A few years ago I watched a movie called Mafia or something like that, it killed me it was the funniest thing id ever seen in my life.
  6. The Neverending Story
    Across the Universe
    Dazed & Confused
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    DUDE! smiley face has gotta be the FUNNIEST stoner movie i've ever seen. That movie really got me into stoner movies, so i tried to find a stoner movie funnier than it, i tried movies like how high, friday, cheech and chong, etc, etc. i just couldn't find anything funnier.

    The scene i LOVE is the lasagna one, "Or how 'bout a photo of President Garfield? Oh shit, that would be totally meta!" hahaha!

    No matter how many times i see that movie it totally has me on the floor!

    Also have to say:

    Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (hopefully "Rum Diary" will get made with the amazing Johnny D., and hopefully Benicio del Toro as well)
    Superbad (funny no matter how many times you see it)
    Matilda (i think i know every word to that movie by now)
    Sleeper (pretty much any Woody Allen movie, really)
    Magical Mystery Tour (WTF??? the Beatles are freaking awesome for coming up with that shit!)
    Basquiat (2 words: Amaze...Ing)
    Moonwalker (why is Michael Jackson a transformer?!?!?)
    the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (that movie is demented)
  8. i got a movie that NOBODY has said yet!

    BLAZZING SADDLES! That is fucking halarious! If you dont know it LOOK IT UP! ITS A MUST!
  9. a bugs world, toy story , finding nemo and antz.

    After a bunch of fatty bong rips watch those.
  10. dude, check the history, shit.

    i've already seen like 50 of these EXACT threads within the last like two months.

  11. And they switched from the swinline stapler to the boston stapler, but i kept my swinline stapler... LMFAOOOO i totally agree with you!

    1. Office space
    2. American idol bad auditions ( i know its not a movie but still)
    3.Any 3D movie. I saw My Bloody Valentine, High and in 3D and it was one of the funest times i had in a movie theater.
  12. here is a movie no one has said anything about
    its a great movie to watch high
  13. That movie is vastly underrated, I fucking love it! It makes me laugh every time, and I feel like I've tottttally been in Jane's boat before. When she's at the dentist's, that's my favorite hahaha...when she goes into that hall then there's the guy with the craaaazy beard and he's all, "Hey, how's it goin'?" as her mouth hangs agape in horror lmao
  14. "it was the last day of school in 1976, a time they'd never forget... if only they could remember"
    Best movie ever.
  15. Thanks. I have over 1000 movies and I didn't know what to watch. Mafia it is :hello:

    You just made my night by picking something awesome yet obscure enough that I haven't seen it over and over.
  16. i thank you so much to those of you who said "smiley face"..i just wastched nof the best movies to ewwatch stoned..its just lke perfect..I THANK YOU!!!:smoking::hello:
  17. any ganster movie star wars ur obvios stoner movies half baked grandmas boy ect. io love PCU any disney movie lol reffer madness is a great one muppets

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