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Best Movies To Watch Baked....

Discussion in 'General' started by RainyDayWoman, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Their is constant controversy over the best movies to watch baked. Some like action while puffing on a J. Others prefer the emotions horror movies invoke. Well, here are my favorites.....

    1) The Big Leboskie
    2) Donnie Darko
    3) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    4) Half Baked
    5) Billy Madison
    6) Pulp Fiction
    7) How High
    8) Where The Buffalo Roam
    9) Dazed and Confused
    10) Elf

    What are some other good ones?
  2. my favorites are Spun and SLC Punk
  3. no order of entry, movies while blazed cant be labeled as best or worst cause depending on your high they could be either.
    The count of monte cristo
    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    how high
    american beauty
    fight club
    donnie darko
    the butterfly effect
    SLC Punk
    the wall
    the original texas chainsaw massacre (from the 70's)
    House of 1000 corpses
    the big lebowski
    House on Haunted Hill (the newer version)
  4. why didnt u do a poll??well you new so you prolly dont know how so it's all good , mine are>>
    3.boyz in tha hood
    4.CHEECH AND CHONG up in smoke:smoke:
    5. how HIGH
    6. SPONGEBOB tha movie:smoking:
    7. It(yes tha clown movie)
    9. cheech and chong STILL SMOKIN':smoking:
    10.DON'T BE A MENACE to south central while drinking your juice in the hood
  5. hah yeh my all time favorite movie to watch high is
    Friday, without question my favorite movie to date
    i like to switch up what kind of movies im watching high
    sometimes horror movies, a lotta war flicks.

    my second fav movie to watch high is
    Paid in Full, such a good movie
  6. ill just list my fav movies..
    matrix (all of them)
    star wars
    bad boys 1 and 2
    xmen 1 and 2
    back to the future 1 and 2.. not 3!
    requiem for a dream
    american beauty
    south park
    legends of the fall
    waking life
    shawshank redemption
    fight club

    theres sooo much so ill just stop here :D
  7. 1. the wash

    2. half baked

    3. super troopers
  8. Ya i like pretty much all those movies.

    And hey Mr. Bubbles i really like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind too but alot of people think its stupid. I tried to talk some of my friends into rentin it the other night and they read the back and they were like your kidding right. And i was just like whatever and we got some weird ass movie called dark heaven.
  9. i recommend everyone check out the movie PI, its quite the crazy film. I sugguest watching it blown out of your mind and then again in sobriety the next day.

  10. YES this movie is so fuckin hilarious. i could qoute the whole thing

    yea that PI movie is pretty weird
  11. Spun is a cool movie, I love the director, he knows exactly how to represent the feeling of being stoned on film.
  12. Fear and Loathing
    Kill Bill
    Half Baked
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Kill Bill
    Dueces Wild (fight scenes)

    I saw someone had Requiem for a Dream. That movie fucks shit up man, when youre high do not attempt to watch that movie you wont be able to sit through it. Hands down the most depressing movie ever.

  13. I watched that just yesterday. I really liked it. Focus comes out with some really weird movies. Lost in Translation sucked though.
  14. The prestiege(sp)? was soooooooo trippy with the magic and whatnot
  15. natural born killers
    evil dead 1 and 2
    army of darkness
  16. Friday
    Next Friday
    Over the Hedge
    Half Baked
    Lion King
    Paid in Full
  17. Time Bandits

    if you find a copy of this movie rip a FAT bowl and enjoy.
    others are
    Dazed and confused
    Super Troopers
    Step Brothers
    The Other Guys
    (Will Ferrel trips me out when i'm baked. Like Elf? Fucking hilarious)
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    (never watched in sober to this day. seen it 30 times.)

    by the way. i just watched Easy A and it made me laugh pretty hard. mainly her parents.

    i'm going to stop there..

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