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Best Movies and Video Games For Stoners?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Veronee, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. I have seen Every movie and played every game possible to play while beening high it seems and i am tired of watching the same Movies and Just geting bored with the same old games Anyboy got anybody got any? These are the things i usually do when Nobdoy wants to Drive or has any money to go out.....

    Cheech and Chong Movies
    Half Baked
    My KottonMouth King DvD Collection
    Martial Art Movies
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Dazed and Confused
    Basic Board Games
    The Street Fighting Videos of people Just Brawlling
    ScarFace and all the Classics like Goodfellas
    Theres just to many to name but if anybody has ideas of stuff to do when ya just Smoked and ya stuck at the house Or ya still smoking..... Help me with some ideas cuz damn i am geting bored....
  2. citizens, if you are a stonner and/or a computer geek; you HAVE TO TRY tron 2.0


    The Graphics

    TRON 2.0 makes my eyes feel like they need to smoke a cigarette. It's plain sexy in there and the art guys should all have their legs humped or something in congratulations. The world is presented as something nearly simple because of the color schemes, yet there's so much moving around, so many transparent textures, and so many little blips and flashes that you realize how much detail there really is in this world. Things are smooth, things are crisp, and things are glowing all over the damn place. Different levels have very different feels from one another. Some servers, such as the fCon server, use only purple colors while others bust out with nearly all complementary colors in an explosion of visual contrast. Every single one of these levels has a different color scheme to differentiate the levels as well as some other touches. For instance, the corrupted server level, while using the corrupted green color scheme, also has a pea soup fog covering the landscape making the whole area actually look sick with the virus.


    (of course I'd change cigarette for joint)!

    the game rocks, it's why I haven't been here so much lately. IT's fun, beautifuul, great gameplay, cool art VERY cool art, scenario that very justly follows the movie's atmosphere... there is no faults (excepet maybe you have to have WMA audio codecs installed for some audio; but appart from that)

    I am running an average fives hours a day on it ..

    FIVE marijuana leafs !! (out of four)

    "gee if that was a user, then I'm a shareware!"

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