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best movie or show to watch while red eyed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cidrom, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. tom and jerry for me
  2. That 70s show :D
  3. show=anything on teletoon retro

    movie= requiem for a dream, how high, clerks 1 and 2, the union, donnie darko, the matrix,
  4. arrested development, fucking love it blazed.
  5. requim is an awesome movie.

    fear and loathing in las vegas is good too
  6. no lie i watch the union at least 3 times a day just about everyday.

    i love that movie.
  7. pineapple express. i watch it almost every time i get high.
    sometimes i watch across the universe when i'm extremely baked because it's so trippy.
  8. PI is a good high movie. Donnie darko, avatar eternal sunshine of the spotless mind if your with a chick. ghost in the shell. simpsons
  9. lolz i love hanna montana when im blazed

  10. QFT

    The IT crowd is great too.

    As for movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is great, i love comical documentaries like King of Kong. Bad movies like The Room and Troll 2 are great.
  11. Dude, I've gotta say the best thing I've seen high is avatar in 3D. It was literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen/heard. The visuals are amazing and the language of the na'vi is just so musical to the ears. Man, like wow it was good.
  12. the stoned age...

    [ame=]YouTube - the stoned age - tack the cack[/ame]
  13. na dude avatar is a gay movie. I couldn't stand it blazed. South park.... now theres a good show to watch when ur gaffed. along with dexter, trueblood, and wipeout
  14. trueblood is one of my favs, heroes too
  15. [​IMG]

    One bad-ass-mother-fuckin-flick. It's a great blending of comedy and horror, not as classic as Evil Dead, but still one of my favorite movies of all time. So many memorable lines, every character is unforgettable. Just a great fuckin movie.
  16. The Smurfs

    (and pretty much anything else on Boomerang).
  17. dazed and confused all the way i watch it like every i smoke

  18. ur opinion is incredibly wrong
  19. Toy Story is AMAZING when you're high. Like, so great. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.
  20. Definitely either the Office or Pineapple Express... can't go wrong with either of these man.

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