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best move to do when other party is beatin' around the bush?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GillyTHEkid, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. as in like seems like she likes you but at the same time its not clear due to her actions. im in this kind of situation right now, not really sure what to do.

    i think theres really two ways to go about this:

    keep riding it out until you see more signs or spill the beans.

    i honestly had no intention of talking to this girl. we had a thing last semester and it kind of died out. at that time i ask her what was goin on between us. didn't seem like the best method.

    i took last semester as a L and decided to move on. what do you know, i pulled my hip flexor and i started going to rehab.. she was there cuz shes a athletic trainer.

    of course we start flirting. so i texted her a few days later, decent convo. didnt see her for a lil bit so i didnt even think about texting her. well today i get to the library ready to work on stuff and there she is, on the computer diagonal to me.

    i glanced at her and got to work. well she starts to text me.. very flirty and quick responses. of course i looked busy and took my time. she would even smile when she read my text...

    i was shocked. dont even see her or text and the moment we see each other she acts this way.

    i think im goin to just go with the flow. im not going to pursue her like i did last semester bcuz i wanna see whats out there. got a few smiles here and there ;)

    your guys thoughts?
  2. I think she wants to rehabilitate your dick.

  3. roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If a girl smiles when she gets your text, your in.

  5. I would honestly go for it, if you let it go too long you may come off as not interested, just got for it.
  6. Stop beating around the bush; there's a hole there for a reason.
  7. Don't let it be hard to get, instead you play hard to get. I would wait it out until she says something
  8. yeah, tell her that her hole exists for your dick and it's only fair that you plug it up
  9. Just grab her hair and bite her fucking neck already!

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