Best most efficient way to veg mother plants?

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  1. So I really like the Bonsai mother method where each mother plant never goes in anything larger than a 6x6 square pot, and never gets more than 8 inches tall. It works, I can keep the plants healthy, and it provides good results.

    My question is, what would be the best way to veg multiple bonsai moms? I don't really wanna fire up another HID unless it's necessary. Right now, I have my Blackberry Kush mother under two 23w CFLs. One 5000k, one 2,700k. Seems to be doing okay.

    But what's best? T5? Build a CFL fixture? Like I said it shouldn't need to be a HUGE area of illumination...
  2. I'd go 6500k t5s fo sho.
  3. T5's. They work for full size mothers, should work for bonsai. Lot's of sizes and bulb counts, daisy chain in more as needed.
    I'm about to start my own bonsai mother experiment. Have you cloned off your bMother's yet? If so, How was the clone growth?
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    Cool, I figured so but I thought I'd get some opinions anyway.

    @3G_Labs I haven't taken any "real" clones yet. What I mean is, during the last topping session, I took some tiiiny cuttings and popped them into my bubble cloner just to see what happens. They're alive though, and they're still technically second generation cuttings, so I expect them to root and grow fine ultimately.

    I expect nothing but total success once I take some "real" / appropriately sized cuttings.

    I personally was nervous about stressing the plant into herming with the pruning, but so far she has taken everything exceptionally well and is still 100% female.

    Also - You mentioned they work fine for regular mothers. How many watts would it take to make a full veg setup with T5s? Cause as of right now, this would be strictly for the mother plants. For my actual grows, I would still do 1 month veg with 600w mh and then 2 months bloom with HPS.

    Kind of dreading running 600 watts for 18 hours a day on top of this... Would a T5 veg room / area be able to bring that number down and still be productive?

    Energy goes for a minimum of $0.27/kWh here.
  5. Some people swear by T5s for veg. Haven't used em yet myself, though.
  6. We have used:
    T5's (54w bulbs each)
    VHO T5's (95w bulbs each)
    HID MH both 600w & 1000w
    For small plants (2-3' or so) t5s are fine.
  7. Damn, really? 2-3'?
    And I'm planning on using the LST method anyway. Good to hear, for sure :)

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