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Best/most chill spot to Smoke you ever been?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WakeNBak3, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. well for me it was me and three friends, we were on this fucking crazy hill. it was a new development and it was at night. we were over looking our whole town and we had no worry in the world of getting caught. it was awesome not to mention we had 3 blunts. and then we were driving around town passed eleven and it was all flashing red lights, it eas awesome. and there were NO cars on the road. so go on and share below...
  2. I have two places.

    One is a huge open field behind my friend's house, Dubbed simply "The Field" We smoked there a while ago, and it was one of the most chill places ever.

    The other place would definately be behind my other friend's house, where we camped out for the night near the woods. Without a doubt, the most relaxing place I've ever smoked. We had no cares of getting caught, And with the fire going, wow, just thinking about it is bringing back great memories.

    But yea, that night was the fucking best.

  3. omg the jersey shore
  4. At a buddy of mines house. we get together about every 2 weeks and have a big cook out and alot of alcohol. Never gets any better than that.
  5. Next to a waterfall that was a short walk from my friend's house. Really quiet and relaxing.
  6. Along the Appalachain Trail while my friends and I were hiking, the beach, out in my boat, in the middle of the woods while camping.
  7. Spring break this past year, at night walking along the beach in siesta key and just looking out at the ocean and moon nothing will ever top it and with two of your best friends. I'd do anything to go back
  8. Me, my girlfriend, her mom, my friend, and her sister smoked in their house.
    Also, there is this place called Chigger ridge here in Tn, and me and about 6 friends went down there with 4 blunts and 2 joints. Well chigger ridge is this big outdoor park that almost nobody goes too, but there is this big hill not too far from a lake, and we smoked there in the middle of nowhere.
  9. the most chill spot i have ever smoked is in my friends backyard at night, theres a big pond with a small waterfall and Koi fish in it and its like this big area with nice plants and huge trees everywhere. smoked many a blunt out therre.
  10. In my backyard i have a shed that seats like 20 people and we smoke everyday there we got couches and shit its sweet. hehe.
  11. In my backyard i have a shed that seats like 20 people and we smoke everyday there we got couches and shit its sweet. hehe.

    I also smoke alotta weed in my room I think bedroom blazing is that best shit ever.
  12. Fresh Washington Morning, pit stop headed up to the pass for some skiing.

    Sunset on Maui enjoying some delicious Maui Bud

    My Buddies Patio Overlooking the Rockies

    A river near Mammoth lakes California
  13. Top of my loft. I'm on the 30th floor with roof access. I can just pop on the roof with a lawn chair and smoke to my heart's desire and look across at the Detroit skyline.
  14. on a roof.... in nyc :hello:
  15. Beach at night its so calming
  16. We used to have a bunch of spots. One was this place we called Eagle's Eye. There were two parts to Eagle's Eye, the clearing and the island. If you were out late, you just went to the clearing, but if it was in the daytime, you took a back path to a bridge and went and chilled at the island. It was all in a neighborhood that wasn't finished yet, but now it is.

    There was also Legacy which was a neighborhood that wasn't finished, and The Scary Place, which was an abandoned unfinished neighborhood with weeds and shit growing everywhere.

    Also, there was a playground called the Mormon Sacrafice pit because there was a big ass hole where the Mormon's would sacrafice people and summon the aliens.

    And then Safari, which actually sucks because cops drive through there all the time, but it's still fun to go through because it's this back road through a small forest and it's really bumpy and fun. But those days are over, now it's all hotboxing my friends steam room.
  17. Well I like in springfield ohio. It sucks because I smoke with 5 people my good friends and everytime we smoke we cant think of anything to do so we watch a movie which is fine sometimes but I want to get out. What should I do please help ???
  18. ive smoked at some of the greatest view/places in california but twin peaks is by far the best place to smoke

  19. its a tie for me.
    right down the street from my parent's house is this old playground that no one really used anymore. me and my friends used to sit out there almost every night smokin and just staring up at the stars in the summer.
    my fire escape is my other favorite right now. i like just sitting out there all night watching people go by.
  20. me and my friends have this place we call the creek. Its a nice seculded place that has a river type thing running through it and we all sit on logs, smoke and admire nature. really awesome place

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