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    What's the best MMO you have ever played while stoned? 
    For me, it would have to be Guild Wars.(WoW is pretty when you're stoned, but I still couldn't get into it)
    It used to be Runescape way back when it was first released, but it's gone to shit ever since around 2007, so I haven't touched it since.

  2. Skyrim Online.
  3. Lol wut?
  4. DC universe online.  fucking love that game, and it can run on my crappy laptop.  and it's free to play (this could be a bad thing if you really want the stuff they charge you for)
    i think i'll reinstall that now, actually.  grinding in mmos is fun when im stoned since there's no skill involved.
  5. WoW will forever hold best MMO in my heart. 
  6. Aion is what I am currently playing and it kicks ass. It is made by the same people as guild wars except it is free which is great when your broke haha. If anybody else plays it let me know.
  7. Same here, especially while stoned. In college I used to bring my laptop over to my buddies room (because he paid for rogers to come set up high speed in his dorm lol) and we went from 1-80 (he made a new Warr, since I was just starting my first character. Part of me still really misses me lvl 80 Troll Shaman. Rozlu I will for ever remember you)

    That and every time we got into battlegrounds we'd start it off with the first line to Don't Stop Believing by Journey and before the match would even start we'd have the entire Horde force singing while decimating the Alliance in Wintergrasp, Alterac or Warsong. It was a beautiful thing haha.
  8. Im waiting for future mmos, theyre in the process of just kind of changing the whole mmo thing, its still evolving, i'll give it another 3 years before i go back to one i imagine, d3 and the dueling system as a huge let down, got some stupid good items but still, just a let down for the amount of time i've invested into it. 
  9. City of Heroes is the best mmo I've ever played and really the only one i have any interest in playing. Of all the videogames I've ever played i would always end up going back to CoH and I always enjoyed it. Best community in an mmo I've ever seen and the amount of content to experience was more than anyone would ever play through. Insane ability to customize your character, awesome team play and just so many different things to do and such good people to do them with.

    Then NC Soft decided to pull the plug on it all of a sudden and all that was lost. Not only did they shut down the servers but they decided to hold on to the IP rights of the game so nobody else can start any servers to keep the game alive. There were a couple groups interested in purchasing the IP at the time of the game shutting down but the greedy bastards wouldn't sell, most likely because they thought it might dip into their subscribers for their other games. I'll tell you something though, I'm not giving them another fucking cent unless they allow this game to return in one form or another.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to really get into another mmo. I think i will try elder scrolls online but I don't yet know how I'll like it. But yeah fuck NCSoft, I'm never buying or playing any other games they put out.
  10. Elder Scrolls online :3

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