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Best MMJ State to Move to and cultivate for patients

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by xXMelkorXx, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. my wife and i are wanting to move to a MMJ friendly state to take care of her mother. She has stage 3 bone marrow cancer and i have started to grow for her. 
    my wife has seen the passion and love i have in the cultivation aspect, so we wanna know.. 
    whats the best state I should move to, so I may begin to grow medical bud for medical patients. 
    I can draw alot of personal and financial satisfaction knowing im growing meds that change peoples lives. Plus, I can live off the lands which ive always wanted to do. 

  2. What kind of answer are you looking for? What's the best patients to grow for? Place? The weather? Laws? Living off the land? You may want to look more into where you have roots. You obviously want to live off the land. In order to do that you need big land. Cali is #1 period. After that you need to look from the top of cali to the east and south. I'm thinking texas, Arizona, arkansas, and Florida. Just really depends on your specifics. Also you wanted a real medical state? Just look at the green map and make your choice. Canada is always a pick.

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  3. Oregon!!!!

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  4. Arizona is a pretty pot friendly place to be.
  5. ^ive lived both places :D
  6. I've recently transferred to Arizona, and I have to say, the smoke shops here are very pot friendly and very helpful, I've found a lot of information just by asking and making calls. Other than the heat this state is wonderful! Also, what is the recommended starting funds for growing a few plants for personal medical use? I'm very new to the cultivation aspect but I have a lot of passion for growing things, if I wasn't so young you could call me a wizard hah.

    Stay frosty.
  7. im wanting a state with a decent living standard and fair medical laws..i want to grow legally for me and a couple of other patients (family) live off the land, quietly..cali is uncle lives there and its hard..other states seem to have better cost of living while the quality is still good.. 
  8. Cali is where it is at as far as planting goes...but I don't want any more people here lol so stay out. jk. Hope everything works out for you. 

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