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Best mmj state to live in?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Seattle mayor signs medical pot regulations | Reuters

  2. Really? when i was stationed in Cali it seemed pretty rough on 2nd amendment, what with no castle doctrine and all, plus it's a may-issue state.

    Nadroj, do you think that the repealers in MT state capitol have been put down?

    and how hard is it to get the card in MT or WA? I lived in WA for a few years, if I can't find a job in MT I may look to WA.
    Right now MT is my first choice, since I am fairly conservative compared to most here--ok, Libertarian.
    My service record's a bit old, but it still has documented migraines, plus arthritis in multiple joints--the knee's the reason I'm a civilian these days.

    yeah hey, gotta love job hunting these days!
  3. I'm pretty sure that WA has some of the most lenient growing laws.

    California and Colorado take the cake though just because they have much more for the average mmj user

    I like it just fine here in Washington...The Seattle mayor just signed a bill to finally regulate our collectives, and this guy is about to open one...

    Keep your eyes peeled if you in WA.....i'm stepping up the concentrate game ya digg
  4. Naw man, we have hunting. A lot of my friends hunt, but I'm not into it. Not that long ago a dude I know saw deer on the side of the freeway, parked his truck, jumped out with his rifle, and chased the deer over the side of the hill and shot it. Just driving around with a gun. Don't go live in LA or San Fran and expect them to be gun friendly...not in the city, but in the country for sure. Some of my favorite chill spots are other peoples hunting spots.

    Also, funny story on the note of hunting, one of my friends is a fire fighter who's really into hunting. They got a call that a semi full of cattle got in a huge accident and there were cows ON FIRE running around the hillside setting wildfires. So the fireman and a few others got to go running around the hills shooting flaming cows like some type of video game. REALLY not my thing, but he loved it, and they got a ton of free beef!
  5. Yeah, we made the government think twice about taking our laws away for sure man... we stand up for our rights in Montana unlike alot of places where you guys just follow suit with whatever the fuck your government tells you... like Utah or some shit haha.

    Except finding a legit, legal, reliable, and good caregiver these days is near impossible since MANY shops closed down and have resorted to delivery servicing... I live in one of the least friendly mmj cities (Billings), city officials are trying to ban storefronts altogether but even the judges agree that trying to get rid of mmj in a mmj legal state is not intelligent nor even sensible.

    As long as you have proof of your condition getting your card is not hard, just go to a clinic @ one of the collectives and you're almost guaranteed to walk out with a doctors recommedation... but honestly... having your card is cool and shit for all the legality reasons but if you meet a few people that know where to find ganja you shouldnt have a problem getting any "medical" grade bud... lots of Montanans have their card (30,000+ patients, around 4,000 caregivers) so meeting a caregiver or patient is not hard... and usually if you know the people personally they will cut you amazing deals. (600-800/qp ftw)
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    And that's why it's called Trash-cities
    I'm from Kennewick
  8. yeah i refer to them as "Tri-Shitties"... every time i go to portland i have to stay overnight there... unless i fly to portland like i did last month. I think white people are the minority there now... am i right? (sooo many mexicans!)
  9. What's with the SoCal bashing? Why wouldn't you want to live somewhere that has an average temp of like 75 degrees and warm beaches?! Yeah Cali has financial problems but they're like a little country in terms of population.

    Nothing wrong with big cities. If you lived in the Bay Area, you could take the BART and not have a car. Public transportation is awesome because not only is it green but you don't have to find a DD.
  10. SMOG... nuff said. i would like to be breathing somewhat fresh air thanks... i live in the most industrialized part of Montana where the air is not as clean as the rest of the state... we have 3 oil refineries (yay for nonexpensive gas, ranging between 3.60-3.65/gallon), sugar beat mill, powerplant, and many other industrial things in the Yellowstone Valley.
  11. $3.60/gallon is not cheap
  12. Which state has best cost of living?
  13. Montana, Oregon, and Colorado. Montana has one of the best economies in the country... jobs are popping up everywhere.
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    Yes I understand... Whites and mexicans are about even on this side of the state... Depends on where you go
  15. Sorry but 3.60$ isn't cheap. In Scottsdale, Az I pay like 3.15 a gallon.
  16. ok, i was wrong about gas prices... our prices are pretty average compared to the rest of countries... im just glad im not paying over 4 bucks/gallon. lets talk about grass... not gas... i was just saying that we have a shit ton of oil refineries... making the air somewhat polluted. Gas prices are changing frequently as well... so shit can change fast. ;)
  17. In NY it hasn't been below 4$ gallon in like a year. NY sucks in every way shape and form. Except there are some really kick ass spots like the Andirondacks and our falls are awesome. But besides some great land, everything else sucks lol. People are rude as hell, close minded, arrogant, ya know everything anyone who smokes MJ hates.

    The more I read the more I wanna go to AZ. I think I'd rather drive to cali then live there, too much baggage.
  18. the heat in az is unbearable... whenever i visit we tend to go right before the hot June-August Weather... usually in april or may. If i were you i would definitely consider colorado... marijuana is much more appreciated there than in AZ... they just got medical and they plan on putting a 300% tax on it or some shit haha. Lots of buds in AZ are from Colorado or California... though it does cost you 50-60/eighth from what ive seen. I need to grab an eighth while im down there next time... ;)
  19. Hi Great site, Im in TX and planing on a move and saw not too far from in AZ (albukerkie ? :) any way :) anybody know anything about there??

    Thanks, Frank
  20. I'm really leaning away from Cali--the weather's great but the taxes suck, and the cost of living is nuts. I am still dealing with Cali from when I was stationed there from 2005-2007; they want taxes even though I was the legal resident of another state. They send a nastygram every year, and every year I go through a week of phone-tag with 'em to get it straightened out.

    I'm thinking I'll look into the Yellowstone area, since I have BS degrees in a couple of chemistry fields. What's the housing cost like in the area? i mean, how bad is a cat-friendly 2 bedroom in a halfway decent part of town? I know some areas of the midwest don't really have much in the way of rental, but I'll need to rent for a couple of years before I can buy.

    And I really liked living in WA, plus I have some friends up there still. I remember when I was in Everett from 2001-2005 rent on a 2BR was between $650 and $750. , and I rented a room from a close friend in Granite Falls for a while. Has it changed much?

    I'm not worried about the cost of the mmj itself, as long as I'm in a grow-your-own state; I've been reading up on "how-to" here since I got out in 2007 and I've raised just about every other type of plant BUT cannabis over the years; I can grow some truly killer tomatoes, peppers, and most kitchen herbs except rosemary, which does not like me. I'm one of those blessed with a green thumb which is odd with the amount of time I spent on salt water :)

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