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Best mmj state to live in?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm not talking just for the marijuana, for the whole state. sights, people, scenery, ect.

    Basically i get to move to any state i want, and i want to move to a mmj state for my chronic depression (True) but also include how good the reefer is :p
  2. Washington state!!
  3. hit up Portland, Oregon my man... you wont regret it!
  4. California all the way!
  5. is this even up for debate?
    its california GUARANTEED
  6. ahh california's apartment rents are sooo expensive for the area i want to live in, santa monica/venice area. so i dunno
  7. Woah woah woah. Before we all go gung-ho about prefered mmj states, let's take a few things into account:

    What kind of prices are you looking for?
    What kind of scenery do you enjoy? Big forests, tall mountains, etc.
    What kind of area would you like to live in? (urban/suburban/rural)

    These all need to be considered heavily. I hear people spouting about California all the time. It is a wonderful place, it truly is. I even plan to move out there, but because of the 'green rush' out there, there is some inflation along with many people that others may not like.
  8. Good prices! i might not have a high paying job as soon as i move there ( im 18)
    i enjoy being in the city alot, i love downtown kind of scenery.
    and urban im guessing, since i like city life!
  9. Cali for sure...legalizing weed for the whole state only lost by 4% of the vote in 2010...besides that other than Cali very few states qualify depression for mmj
  10. NOT New Jersey. I have been here since Monday for work and I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for anyone just passing through to easily find bud. Still dry and can't wait to get back home :(

    Washington state, however, is another story. It took me about 20 min last time I was in Washington State. I Googled where to look and walked to the recommended spot and there were about a dozen people there with some retardedly delicious nugs.
  11. wait you GOOGLED where to look for bud?
    like medical buds?
  12. If you're looking for good prices and an urban area, look into the main cities in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.
    (Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland)
    I know around there you will find mmj for $25-$40/eighth for amazing dank.
  13. Thanks game! ill definitely look into those states. +rep

  14. No, recreational. I travel a lot so it is my first resource. What else do you do when you go somewhere and you don't know a soul? :p
  15. in vancouver (next to portland here) I can get shitty for 110/oz or some dank for 40/4 if im buying that little. dank runs about 215-240 for me depending on how good it is, 150-160 for medium
  16. California.

    Hands down.
  17. How in the world do you find dealers on google?! i want to do that for south carolina like..NOW. hahahah.
  18. Update: So i cant move to california, or oregon. washington is a very high possibility though!
  19. Dankerton is a fed

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