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Best MMJ collective around Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by max1357642, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What is the best MMJ dispensary around the LA area for quality, quantity, prices, etc.?
  2. TLC Taluca Lake Collective
    11436 Hatteras Street
    N. Hollywood, CA
    Good prices, low selection, fairly knowledgeable staff (except for clones... long story)
    They currently have clones though the staff I talked to doesn't know ANYTHING about them and at least one has some serious misconceptions about plants.
    Excellent Sativa's so far. The Trainwreck and SourDiesel were good from there.
    It's Run BY patients FOR patients and I highly recommend them.
    They also have a selection of edibles.
    Clones run $10 - $15

    P.A.P. Patients Against Pain
    6240 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite B
    North Hollywood, CA
    Park out front or in the parking lot just before the building. Don't park in back.
    You have to walk through the building and outside the back entrance. There's a door next to the rear parking lot.
    High selection (excellent sour diesel and a huge variety of wicked Indicas that I don't usually get),
    good prices, staff isn't the greatest on information but they're honestly trying to help.
    They also have frozen trichomes and a number of hashes and edibles. They had clones at one time as well.
    Be careful... I've picked up kief and bud that's had mold in it occasionally.
    They also kicked in free meds when I ran broke for a few days and was laid up with Morphine
    Clones run $20-$25 and not sure if they're going to get more...

    There's also one in chatsworth that I've been to. The address... hrmmm.
    I can't remember the address right now.. :(
    They don't carry clones and they usually have a very limited selection. Also a lot of strains I've never heard before. Don't know where it comes from but it's interesting. All very good strains.
    Prices are generally $10 more an 1/8th than the other two but the quality is excellent and always well worth it. Also the only place I know of that had C-99 about 9 months ago. Nobody has had it since.

    Sorry I don't know any in L.A. proper. I went to one once a long time ago but I don't remember where it was. Staff was clueless anyway.

    Anything else? :)
  3. Thats funny, I have never ever found clones in LA at clubs.. Up in Humboldt, if a club doesn't carry clones, they dont do business.

  4. You didnt look hard enough.

    Half the clubs i visit stock clones.

    I'm not arguing though, norcal has much better clones/genetics. Heck, that one town has the clone farmer's market every year.

  5. not really true.. there is only 2 clubs in arcata.. and only one of them has clones

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