Best mj grow book?

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  1. Just wondering what book has good in depth grow info for a 1st time greenhouse grower. Thanksn

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  2. just ordered dank 2.0 by subcool.. gonna get Jorge Cervantes marijuana horticulture indoor/outdoor medical growers bible too
  3. Not to be mean or anything but theres a thread devoted to this question

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  4. The one that's 4 years old? Could be newer or updated versions since then... Thanks tho
    horticulture and agriculture is thousands of years old. not much has changed in 4 years, LOL.
  6. I was asking about new or updated book versions idk why that's so hard to understand lol.. If u didn't wanna help then just stfu... I know it hasn't changed much but most ppl want the newest version of things not last years... How fuckin dumb, it's like saying u still play madden 2000 cuz it hasn't changed much
  7. "Marijuana growers handbook" by Ed rosenthal, official oaksterdam university course book. Everything you need to know.
  8. Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Ridley. It's an e-book. Nearly 700 pages. A very good and easy read. The author compiled twenty years of experience along with all of the good stuff from print to bring you one guide that he guarantees to bring you to cultivation of tight, frosty buds.
    But pot growing has not changed, its not a video game.  That was a stupid comparison. How dumb is that?
    You can return to being a snotty bitch now.
  10. I ask for book recommendations and all u do is LOL and try to clown someone on their thread and I'm the snotty little bitch? Sorry everyone's not a know it all grower like you and I'm sure u got no help along the way too... Ur prob one of those ppl that just talk shit and act like ur better then everybody else but never offer any help or tips.. Fuck off fat ass!
  11. thanks dude I went out & got this book and I'm almost done already.. Super informative, I highly recommend it to new growers.. I'm still waiting for subcools dank 2.0 I read he has a super soil recipe that only needs water.. Im gonna get Jorge Cervantes grow guide too
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    the cannabibles are the shit
    you can download the original "cannabis bible" lots of places for free, too
    honestly if you have online access, there's tons of FAQS set up by pro growers right here man. these people have read them all
  13. Eds book and jorges are both good. Eds seems to be be a bit better though. I own both.

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