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Best mixes with Tobacco and Weed? Including types!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cotyledon, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Ya, ya, smoking is bad, if you don't smoke tobacco don't worry about this post. I want to know what type of cigarettes go well with what type of weed. Here's an example; I like smoking 75% American Spirit Organic with 25% Sour Diesel, the flavors really mix well. I also bought some Vanilla tobacco from a smoke shop and thought that it was great with 25% purple OG, just enough to get that OG flavor in a cigarette is all I really need. What goes with Menthol, Marlboro, Camel, etc?
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  3. lol, ya, I know most of us do it to conserve weed and that's about it, but I think mixing weed and tobacco could be better quantified and wanted some more input on what people like best, especially the type of weed, because most of us have our own preferences to tobacco and stick with it... just finished my first cup of coffee and rolled a nice spliff; keep toking!
  4. I go about 50/50 with Kite sometimes. I hate menthol but Kite with bud seems to work out ok.
    otherwise sometimes i use this dutch blend i got a while ago, but the tobacco strands are really long so sometimes they get in my mouth.
    I don't like to unroll cigs for spliffs, prerolled cig tobacco is so ground up and crappy i hate re-rolling it, usually tastes like shit without a filter and tends to loosen up my and rolls.
  5. i just use whatever cigs im currently smoking. usually mayfair.
  6. for sure, I usually buy bags of rolling tobacco, I think it tastes better, and I just really like to roll. :smoke:
  7. Hell yes. Don't mix your normal cigarette tobacco with your buds. Go get some rolling tobacco instead. A 1-2oz bag isn't going to cost you much and the taste will be infinitely better once you find something you enjoy.

    I'd suggest this stuff. It's gonna cost a bit more than the other brands, but it tastes wonderful.
  8. I can't believe you guys mix tobacco with weed. That's the stupidest thing ever, and i'm a smoker.

    Anything over 10% of tobacco is just ruining your precious herb. And OP, 75% tobacco? C'mon dude, you're just taking it too far.
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  9. lol, no hating man! I love to roll, I don't have enough money to roll joints, and that's my opinion. I wanted to find the best mix of tobacco, and since I smoke anyway, putting a bowls worth of weed in my spliff makes cigarettes taste so much better. I also feel like my high is more controllable, I don't feel so anxious on some sativa strains like SD. Putting it in a bowl is a bad way to smoke it imo, sometimes people in my circle don't even corner rip, and we just keep passing around ash, such a waste... I'm just saying that we all have our preferences, and it is weed after all, it's meant to be enjoyed, so let me enjoy it my way w/o the harassment, eh?
  10. Guess I would like to add that when I smoke spliffs, I usually do it alone, and I would warn somebody if I had one and they wanted a hit off it. Also, I don't smoke spliffs indoors where people are smoking weed, unless the owner said it's all right to smoke inside. I usually just walk around with it on the street as if I were smoking a cigarette, because at 75% tobacco, no one can tell the difference any way. :)
  11. I use Malboro Ice Chill or Peter Stuyvesant Blue (Classic)
  12. I love packing about 75% of my bong bowl with tobacco then the rest with weed, and rip it in a hit. and i dont smoke cigs but i only buy belmonts for poppers
  13. cyan american spirits
  14. Clearly you've never been travelling...
  15. i usually use this:

    or sometimes this:

    rolling tobacco is so much better than unrolling cigs imo. i usually go about a 50/50 weed to baccy ratio in spliffs and 70/30 in bongs :bongin:
  16. Man, I'm gunna pack up my zong and check what it tastes like, I never tried tobacco in it.
  17. Hand rolling tobacco all the way. I'm from England, and EVERYBODY here rolls with tobacco.

    I always use either:
    Amber Leaf

    or Benson and Hedges silver

    Hand rolling tobacco is awesome, the joint isn't as harsh and burns alot slower. Rolling cigarettes with hand rolling tobacco also helped me learn how to roll my joints :D I also use a ratio of about 40 - 60 tobacco to weed :)
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  18. swishers, as bro as that sounds taste so good lol :eek:
  19. i just smoke up a fatty spliff cone and got stoned as fuck/  I love the lightheadness while getting high
  20. If i have Tobacco, i'll use Golden Virginia, or my friends American Spirit.
    If i only have cigs, i use Mayfair. 
    Personally, i love the taste of a bit of tobacco in my joints. 

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