Best MH bulb?

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  1. The title pretty much says it all im looking a good 600w MH bulb and was wondering which one is best? price really isnt an issue as long as its not over 150$
  2. You need a Hortilux Blue 600watt MH! I added a 1000watter to my flower room and after about 5 hours it gave me a sunburn! The spectral rating is unmatched by any other bulb. It even has more red than most HPS bulbs and more blue and UV than any other MH. Hands down the best buld all around on the market! (the spectral ratings are even better than their combo-MH and HPS bulb!!!


    Here is the Optilume 1000Watt MH for comparison


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  3. awesome man thanks about to go order one now :D
  4. i cant seem to find a 600w they got one for 250 400 and 1000 but no 600??
  5. If you hava a digital ballast take a look at the digilux

    Digilux Specs

    I dont have one but the specs look good
  6. lol i ended up ordering one but i have an electric ballast will that work if not i have a buddy that will trade me his digital one for my first grow
  7. Does anyone know if the digilux bulbs will work on a electronic ballast?
  8. Digilux bulbs are made by C.A.P., who makes NextGen digi ballest! Digilux bulbs are made for the frequency of digi ballests.

    Also, there is no such thing as a true MH 600 bulb, only 600 watt conversion lamps.
  9. Not exactly true the Digilux and Sunpulse bulbs are true 600's not conversions

    I believe electronic and digital are the same thing; you do not want to use the digilux in a magnetic ballast.
  10. No such thing...but the Hortilux Blue bulbs are the best for Vegging in my experience.

    The Digilux 600w M.H. bulb is apparently the first TRUE 600w M.H. bulb, not a conversion...:wave:
  11. So my 600wMH Digilux bulb will work on a electronic ballast?
  12. electronic meaning digital, yes!

    Because digital ballasts run both MH and HPS bulbs, you can freely interchange between veg and flowering bulbs!
  13. Sweet! you just saved me some cash

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