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Best methods to smuggle clean urine into a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Wrongwaybro, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've got a drug test coming up in 48 hours. I have tomorrow or Thursdy to complete it, and I just took a legitimate home THC test kit from CVS about 30 minutes ago and came up positive. Luckily, my roommate is drug free and willing to urinate for me. Now I know I wont be watched while I'm urinating. I've been to this place a couple of times and it's just employment testing, not probationary or anything. I'm a guy so a vagina isn't an option. I will admit I wear tighter jeans and boxer briefs so I shouldn't have too many problems. But I'm not exactly sure of a few things and I'd like any good advice on how to approach this:

    • What I should contain his clean urine in?
    • Should I really worry about the temperature of the urine?
    • How should I carry the urine in with me into the test room/facility?

    Any other useful advice/tips/tricks would be excellent. I'm just a tad worried about diluting my own urine and I feel like using my roommates since he's 100% clean would be the best route. Thanks!
  2. Only story I remember involves piss in a condom strapped to a leg with tape. Best be fresh to be hot enough.

    Ever wonder why those detox drinks are so expensive? Cause it comes down to them or strapping fresh piss to your leg.
  3. You can wear boxer briefs, the ones that are tight on your leg and tuck it in between your thigh & the brief so it holds it there, that position will also probably keep it a bit warm.. thats how you can carry it.

    To carry it it in something, maybe a medical marijuana container, one on the smaller side, anything that is tight.. wouldn't want to risk having his urine bust open and run down your leg.

    You shouldn't really trip over the temp but when they grab it they'll feel it.. although since you're not being watched you can run hot water over the outside of the container holding your roomates urine, then pour it into the test cup.

    For your safety, I suggest taking ANYTHING INSIDE w/ you OUT AS YOU LEAVE.. don't throw the container into the garbage can in the bathroom or anything like that.. just tuck it back up and leave w/ it.
  4. ^this

    I have heard of people using small bottles (like 5 hour energy bottles) filled with piss taped, or secured inside undergarments.
  5. Stick a handwarmer in you pants to keep it warm
  6. One of those really small shampoo bottles from a hotel work perfectly to store the urine in.
  7. Stick it in your anal cavity. That way, you will be able to just take it out by spreading your buttocks in the stall. Trust me, i've done this many times at my job when trying to sneak some weed in. It doesn't even hurt
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  8. Oil Change. (Blue Mountain State)
  9. [quote name='"isurecannibis"']Oil Change. (Blue Mountain State)[/quote]

  10. How about a flask? and then insulate the outside so it stays warm?
  11. Tell your friend to piss into a condom. Tuck the condom into your sock unless they search you.
  12. Take a sip of the urine and hold in your mouth until you are in bathroom. If anybody tries to talk to you just use over the top facial expressions and make humming sounds "hmm" but like a higher pitch for amused, longer hum for confused, short hum for yes, they shouldnt notice
  13. I had a urine test for a job recently. I thought it would be hard but it's actually very easy. I got a small 5oz soda bottle (a pill bottle or something over 275ml will work fine) and had my brother piss in it right before i left. I wore boxer briefs and tucked in between my leg and my groin and the briefs held it in place. I got to the testing center and had to wait about 20 minutes. I then went back and the doctor had me go into the bathroom and shut the door. I just pulled my pants down, took the bottle and poured away. When i gave the piss to the doctor he put the lid with the temp strip on it and it read 97 degrees. I was very nervous before i went in but once i got there i calmed down alot. Just thought i would share my success story for people who think you have to buy the expensive drug kits. as long as you have access to clean urine it's a piece of cake:D
  14. Really? Friends dirty condoms is not worth it, next thing you know you have to take an HIV test.
  15. Get one of those fake penises thatpro athletes wear
  16. Ewwww
  17. I used a prescription bottle,keep it n freezer till day of test,heat n microwave.n i just wore long socks n kept it there...they cant search or watch you unless its for probation..keep it "simple.....stupid...."u really think they gonna mess with piss in the toilet????ha.smell the cup after u fill it????lmao.the tech probably makes less then the job yur applying 4...
  18. if you keep it close to your body it cant drop below yur temp....

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