best method to get a female?

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  1. Hi I have a small growbox big enough for only one plant. I was wondering for my first grow what my chances to get a female are growing from bagseed? How long till you can tell? Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of a female plant?
  2. You have a 50-50% chance of a female with one seed. You can tell either around 6 weeks into vegging or 2-3 weeks into flowering. There's nothing you can do to get a female, unless you have feminized seeds. But too much stress in a plant's life can cause a female to go hermie on you.
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    50/50 on female dude, best bet for the space for 1 plant is to buy fem seeds.
  5. bagseed = 50/50
    feminized seeds = 80 - 90% (?)
    clones from known females = 100%
    clones from known males = 0% ;)

    There's really nothing you can do to increase your chances except provide good
    growing conditions and don't keep changing the light cycle. GL man!

  6. Yea, I was going to suggest getting female cloes as well. Other than that just start some seeds and keep your fingers crossed. It helps when you can do more than one plant when you are not sure so you can increase your chances that at least one is female.
  7. Ok, I think I will start 2 to attempt to get a girl. How long will it take for me to tell from the point I plant the germinated seeds?
  8. garbrilic acid (sp?)
  9. gibberellic acid makes plants go female? ..I didn't know that!

    you won't know what you've got until it starts to flower.
    I guess if you had the right equipment you could look at the dna and work it out but I've never heard of anyone doing that and it's probably not possible right now.

    One thing you could do to speed it up is take a cutting as soon as the plant is big enough to take one and put just the cutting under 12/12. It'll flower while the mother plant is still growing so you'll know real soon whether to pull the plant or to keep it growing and make it flower.
  10. I just posted this in another thread, but I'll put it here too. Apparently there are actually ways to get more females. I took this from another forum.

    The full environmental theory explained:

    Sex of the plant is influenced the most during the 1st-3rd week of vegative growth. If given these 5 can increase the number of females:

    1. Your nutrient levels. Research shows that a plant receiving slightly elevated nitrogen levels and reduced potassium levels will increase females. SO.. +(N) -(K)

    2. Increase humidity and moisture. (YEAH, I know, this can raise temps and pest/fungi risks...just read on.)

    3. Temperature. Keep temperature steady and try to minimize flucations in the temps. The ideal temperature is 69F degrees, or more generically 65-75F. Any time temperatures drop below 60F or above 80F, the plant is stressed and tends to increase males. SO...Temps between 65F-75F at all times

    4. Light Spectrum. Use only the blue light spectrum. At this point it is more about color than intensity. Use a MH or a CFL with the 6500k light spectrum. This will increase females. Blue Light, 6500k

    5. The light cycle. It is shown that the more hours of light the plant recieves the more tendancy of a male to show up also increased. A plant begins producing trace amounts of flowering horomones at 15.5-16 hours of light a day. So instead of having the light on for 24 hours a day, only use 18 hours of light a day. This secures vegative stage, but also increases the females. Soooo...18 hours on/6 off

    Anyway, I purchased white rhino seeds from Nirvana once upon a blue moon and germinated 5 seeds and ended up with 4 females (which I thought was pretty good). I assume it is because I made sure the 5 steps above were followed.

    There was also talk of ethylene, which is given off by ripening fruit. You use it on seeds, and apples give off the most.
  11. Here is the goods on ethylene:
    I read an article by a guy who said he did 30 seeds and made them all female like this:

    He put the seeds into paper towels, dry: the paper towels were used to keep any moisture from the banana skins making the seeds pop

    He put them in a paper bag, with a ripe banana skin.

    Each day or two he changed out the banana skins to ensure no pathogens started growing on them; i suppose you could put the banana skins inside another bag or baggie, with it left open, to reduce any moisture transfer.

    He did this for two weeks, not allowing the seeds to get moist, and he kept them in the dark as i remember.

    He said that he got 100% females that way.

    How plants become sexed is well known: ethylene. It's the way colloidal silver is used to reverse sex on a limb, when selfing plants: making one limb throw male pollen so you can seed another limb on the same plant, and create all female seeds. Colloidal silver suppresses ethylene production and that limb becomes male.

    Lastly, it's actually apple skins that put off the most ethylene, by quite a bit. Bananas are classified as a ''medium output'' ethylene producer, and of the common fruits & vegetables, apples are actually the only one classified as high.

    That 'classification' term i used comes from a table i saw specifically on ethylene production by commercial produce; i don't remember who put it out but i found it on the net doing searches on ethylene production after i had read the article by the guy

    That article is here :
    International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - The ripe banana method to get more females.

    As you can see there's discussion; i see Rosy Cheeks said he/she did it and noticed no difference; so you can take the guy's statement for what it's worth, with the 100% result

  12. I find 6 - 8 weeks.

    Read my link on sexing.
  13. yep this is the only CHANCE of producing more females..............note the emphasis on CHANCE ,not guaranteed,but will increase the chances.

    nice post KamelRedLight;)

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