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best method for making hash?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by tr!pp_thehighon, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. hi all
    im new here and was wandering wat is the best method for making hash. i've heard of 3 but i was wondering, if anyone had any experience making hash,which method gave the best results.
  2. My friend was also wondering, what is the BEST way to make hash? How can one make GOOD hash without using a really complicated process?

    I've heard of a few ways but I don't know which method they should use.

    Thanks. :wave:
  3. The best way I've ever made hash is you get all of your weed, like at least a quarter and you put it in a plastic bottle then you pour some isopropyl alcohol in, preferably the 90% shit, and you close the lid and shake it around for about 30 seconds, while this is going on have a pan on the stove that is boiling water and put a ceramic plate on top of it, then after the 30 seconds is up with the weed and the isopropyl pour that liquid through either a strainer, or a coffee filter(which works a lot better), onto the plate and once all the liquid is done evaporating, you have hash lest on the plate :smoke:!!
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    Actually it's easy as shit to make hash. First off, there's more than one kind of hash. The best kind of hash is the black almost clay-do like. That's the hash that you throw a little nug into a bowl and it fucking burns FOREVER. LOL.

    All you have to do to make that hash is rub your hands up and down the buds of a weed PLANT. It's not gonna work with bagged up weed. Must be on the plant. Anyway you keep rubbing the buds with you hands up and down and your hands will collect oils from the bud, then all the kief will stick to those oils and next thing you know you'll have black resin on your hands. You keep collecting that resin and balling it up and voila. Hash.

    The second kind of hash is still good, but I prefer the above mentioned.

    The second way to make hash is by collecting kief. Must high grade herb grinders have a third chamber. Basically, you put the weed in the first chamber, then once it grinds up it falls through these holes and lands in the second chanber where it rests on a microfiber screen. Shake the bud up inside the grinder and the rubbing on the screen will make the kief fall into the third chamber. Once you have A LOT of kief. I'm talking like 3 grams or more all you need to do is pour your kief into a pollen press (you can google them online. not too expensive) and press the kief into a solid form. That too is also hash.

    But to be quite honest, I'd rather just smoke kief in a blunt anyway then press it with a pollen press and smoke it in a bowl. The only hash I'm interested in is the first mentioned black oil hash. Some people even call kief hash, which technically it is but all you have to do to the kief is press it to truly be hash.

    You can read more about making hash in this and many other articles online

    Hope this was helpful, if so hit that reputation button!
  5. Thanks guys, he decided to use the alcohol method I think. :smoking:

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