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Best Memory and Experience?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coup D'etat, May 15, 2010.

  1. Like the title says, what is your best memory or experience while :smoking:?

    First one with my cuz and good friend. We're in my car, about to hot box it. We were under the impression we had some shit weed - didn't smell too great, didn't have many hairs. Not schwag, but upper mids, you know?


    Shit lit us up. We were rolling around in the car, barely able to contain ourselves. Shit was amazing. We went through twelve 7-up cans I had in the car. I barely remember driving home either.

    Second time was when I had some good dank that I brought up to school. My friend lent me his vape, and I vaped that shit, but fucked up a bit. I put the temp too high, and the shit actually caught on fire in the glass (it was a box vape). I cooled it down and inhaled all that shit. It was about .5 that I took in, and I spent the next 4 or 5 hours watching 30 Rock on Netflix, laughing myself into a fucking coma.

    Its nostalgia. That was feelings of bliss. I haven't felt anything like that since, but I'm on a break, hoping that shit returns.

    What about my fellow blades?
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    Definitely my first time getting high. I will never forget sitting in my best friend's mom's living room smoking out of a tinny. Then having the worst munchy attack of my life, having those stoned arguments that have no point to them but you argue anyways, laughing hysterically, and having the best night's sleep you could ever dream of.
  3. Yeah, I was laughing hysterically, to the point where I was smiling and my cheek bones started to fucking hurt real bad. Not only that, but your ribs/lungs start to fucking give out after awhile. And I also remember having crazy ass dreams too as I slept.

    I hope it happens again.
  4. Ah, man, I remember laughing so hard I was crying and couldn't breath. We popped in a movie, that we didn't even know that was on because we were so stoned and talking that much. I didn't have a dream, atleast that I remember now, but the next morning I felt the best you could ever imagine after a nights sleep. Nothing beats your first high, unless maybe you took a t break that lasted like 10 years, and even then you'd prolly have to smoke a lot of the dankest of the dank just to beat it.
  5. First, even though my first time high, when I look back at it, i was HIGH as shit. Smoked a pipe in the woods with my two best friends, then walked to the nearby shopping center. I satrted sketching out in the Dollar store cause this sketchy old lady, with bug eyes and a walker was staring at me. Then i was pacing back and forth outside thinking i was gonna die lol.

    Second, I would have to say smoking a blunt on the roof of this medical center near my house with my best friend. Shit was legit.
  6. My first high was mediocre. It was about the same as most of them in the next 3 years that I smoked. That was 1979. I just smoked 3 years ago, after over 20 some odd years, and I was toast. I was in a very 420 unfriendly place (home with my teenagers) so I just went to bed. I had 2 or 3 beers and 2 weak hits and I could barely walk. Now, most of my kids have left the house, and they know I'll be smoking MMJ, so they won't be complaining. I'm waiting for my records to get copied so I can make an appointment. I can't wait to get high!!!


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