Best material for bowl of homemade glass bong

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  1. For more detail than what the title says:
    I plan to make a homemade glass bong, and was wondering what to use for the bowl. I can use a normal black hose and connect a metal socket at the end, or the long plastic tube (lol) of a pen, and also connect a metal socket at the end.


    Edit: forgot to add, also I am open to a third option from anyone. But would still like to know which of my two is preferable. Thanks
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot order anything online. I'd love to have something like this. But I have to settle with a hose or pen tube, what do you think? Thanks for the help
  3. IDK about were you live but most tobacconists stock these types of items.
  4. Don't even have those unfortunately
  5. Then a garden hose and a socket.

  6. or....
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  7. Thanks! I thought the garden hose would be better too

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