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Best mason jars to get at walmart?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So I'm gunna go pick up a mason jar at Walmart. The one I have now it still kinda smells when it's in the jar. And has got me yelled at a few times. "Blah blah blah I shouldn't have to smell it " -parents. I usually pick up oz's or halfs so what's a good size but still easy to conceal in a car. I usually just put it in my mma bag in my trunk. So any good ones? Thank gc
  2. They don't sell mason jars individually there, they sell by the case. The other jars there are either cookie jar sized or plastic. So I would look online or at a craft store.
  3. I'm not sure if they sell actual mason jars individually, I've only seen them sold in a box of like 6 or 12.
  4. yea fuck walmart
  5. A mason jars are airtight, brand/size/shape shouldnt matter. there made to be air tight to store food
  6. These are the best IMO, they don't sell them at Wally World tho.

    Quattro Stagioni

  7. Where would they sell em guys?
  8. Target or an arts and craft store like michaels get a 4 pk of ball mason jars...fuck walmart

  9. The container store.
  10. Hardware stores have them too

    an 8oz jar fits a half oz, so adjust from there, if you pick up small amounts (1/4, 1/8ths), maybe get 4 oz jars

    and I've only seem them sold locally in 12 packs, I bought a 12 pack and have only used like 4 of them, and only 2 of them regularly, the rest just collect dust

    if you're near Chicago you can have one, haha, but I know you're not

  11. near joliet atm actually:smoking:
  12. Wal-Mart has them in 4 packs at under $5.00. I just picked two of them, eight jars, last month.
  13. lol i went to a hardware store looking for them. They were there but they sold em in 12 packs so i said fuck this world for not selling them separately and tried to stick one down my pants...... bad idea. I could see the outline in my sweatpants so i just took it out and was my mission to go on a journey to find these damn jars. My friend ended up calling me so i went and chilled with him, and i picked up 10g's and we smoked a few bowls then went to wendys. we smashed and some how when we were their his car key ended up getting lost.
    I drove this kid back and forth from wendys to his appartment looking for the guy. i did this 3 times. He was sketchin out the whole damn time too cuz he didnt want the cops to open it for him and the dumbass left his spare key in the car....stoner. So we took one last trip to mcdonalds and we are looking around the parking lot and we see this big ass semi delivering food there. So the guy comes up randomly and asks what we're looking for. We tell him the key and the guy was like awww man that sucks..... wait. he turns around and fucking finds they key 20 feet away in the drive through. i swear he took the appearance of jesus and just found that key. jk but it was fucking crazy, and i was baked so i was freaking out. anyways we got back and smoked a celebration bowl and i ended up getting a jar somewhere. its decently big and is air tight with the swing hinge air lock. crazy ass night. now its time to smoke
  14. #14 MR_, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2013
    joliet's not too far

    I've got about 6 8oz ball mason jars, brand spanking new, each holds a half oz

    $2 for 3 jars if you want them, I just want them gone so I can get some smaller jars

    I'm in chicago on the northside if you're interested
  15. You can get 'em at Michaels arts & crafts
  16. i just use a del monte pear jar...can't smell a thing until you unscrew it.
  17. Use an empty Smuckers jelly glass jar, they are completely smell proof.

  18. im in the sw suburbs and need some jars. il make the drive over! just kidding. i have the 8 or 10 oz ones that are a pain in the ass to carry around. anyone know where smaller mason jars are sold?
  19. I saw 4oz at ace hardware

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