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Best los angeles dispensary

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cardwej, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hey I'm heading to LA soon, I live far away so I always try to pick up a lot (2 ounces+) which dispensary would give me the best deal?
  2. LA is a huge place, and there are dispensaries all over. You'd have to be more specific. weedmaps is pretty darn good though.
  3. there are so many and also you can search online for a dispensary directory and some have reviews.
  4. I was looking for a good one that has the best of the best at a decent price 350/O~ I've read a lot of reviews on weedmaps, most of them say dumb shit like "hell yeah bomb ass dro kush dope here" and some of them seem like scams
  5. i dont know where you gonna be but i been to some in the hollywood area and the one today i went to they have great prices also the staff was helpful unlike the previous one i went toif ya think you can go there let me know i give more info
  6. 350 an ounce in cali? you must be smoking some gold platted nuggets man. thats some caviar shit.
    theres over 150 shops in LA alone last time i read up on it.
  7. LA is good, however my favorite dispensaries are in Orange County and San Diego.

    North County Collective in San Diego and My favorite place in Orange County just got shutdown (ICOC) so runner up is Marijuana County Collective imo

    Just look for a place with highest rating and highest # of reviews on weedmaps
  8. You should be looking at 45$ 8th capped clinics in the OC
  9. Lol dude weed in cali is ridiculous low price. If your from the east as I am, it's literally jaw dropping. Back east headies would go for 350-400 an oz, 4500-6000 per lb. In cali I have found bomb headies for 200 and oz, and as little as 2k a fuckin pound. If I didn't care about my life I would be fillin up a fuckin u-haul and doin runs across the country of 50+ pounds lmao, would be a fuckin millionaire in a year.
  10. I live in OC but I have friends who live up in LA who have recommended Med X and Holistic Healing Alternatives for good bud that isn't too expensive. If you can get down to OC and aren't limited to LA I'd definitely recommend it. LA has some good clinics, but OC's got some of the best.
  11. I thought they were being shut down...
  12. Belmont shores in long beach is the best by far IMO but u will pay too much
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  14. Better get on it quick, all the good spots are evaporating. :p
  15. tell some more great spots
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    http://findmybud.com/ offers an easy way to locate marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles or any U.S city by narrowing them down to just miles from your location.

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  17. Hi guys, this is a little off topic, please bare with me. I have been growing for six months now and have too many clones to house. Is there anyone that would like to swap clones, I am interested in trying out some new strains. I am currently growing White Widow exclusively. If this is the wrong arena for this discussion please let me know. Thank you.
  18. My apologies, I am located on OC.

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