Best live show you ever saw?

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  1. Phish 7/31/13

    Hands down the best concert ive ever been to. That tweezer was a monster! The band/crowd interaction during it was sweet!

    Duh nuh duh nuh nuh DUH! WOOOOOOO!

    Below is a link to listen to it.

    Whats the best concert youve ever been to?
  2. backyard sluts 3
  3. thats tough been to over 60 concerts...probably a perfect circle/ nine inch nails on the fragile tour
  4. Gorillaz at Madison Square Garden during their final tour.
  5. Probly Ozzfest '05-'07 
  6. Been to a shitload of shows but I give the nod to Tool at the Gorge

  7. Fuck yes! The gorge is my favorite place to see music outside! Phish at the gorge 8/5/11 is one of the best shows ive been to. Fave indoor venues are MSG(been there for 3 new years shows) and hampton colliseum.
  8. I've heard the only place better is Red Rocks but have never been :confused_2:
    I was at that Phish show as well :yay:
    Love the bouncy floor at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland. Gotta love some Claypool too!

  9. Oh man the rock n roll -> meatstick jam and segue from that show was filthy good!

    Red rocks is amazing as well but gorge takes the cake for me.
  10. Ive seen about all my favorite bands.. laugh, but ive seen Creed play in front of 20,000 people twice in Atlanta and was in the first 2 rows of the pit. First tine was with Staind, who is my favorite band and that was my first time seeing Staind live, and Creed. Was kind of a super show for me. Second Creed show was with Skillet which was badass.
    So itd be the first Creed show, or seeing Staind, Godsmack, and Halestorm on the rail opening night of the Mass Chaos tour on Friday the 13th back in April of 2012. Amazing show. There was moshing, crowd surfers, and titties.

    Went to an Aaron Lewis of Staind acoustic concert once and met him after the show. Was a very surreal moment for me.
  11. When I was 14 for my birthday my grandpa of all people took me to see Judas Priest doing their 20 or 25th (can't remember) British Steel anniversary set along with Whitesnake. I was enjoying some those small, white, scored Mexican candies :ey:   :ey:   :ey:   Anyhow, the family in front of us was passing a bomber, and the wind kept it blowing right in our faces. My grandpa was sitting their going, "Should I smoke my cigar? The sign there says no smoking".....hey grandpa, that's not stopping a quarter of the audience from smoking weed. What would have been really funny is if security threw us out because of tobacco but leave the stoners alone ha ha
  12. Not the BEST show ive been to but its always good to be close to the stage!! Been to too many to pick a "best one". Some were better than others but at least ive been able to see many before they either died or faded away.

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  13. The Mars Volta and Soundgarden at Red Rocks. Volta is my favorite band and Soundgarden killed it, loudest band I've ever heard in my life!!!
  14.  Ahhh..damnit..Red Rocks...I'll get there one day I tell you...
    This question is very hard....very...hard...
    I'd say it would be STS9--When their real name being-Soundtribe Sector 9. They were still small and you could stand about 10 feet away from the stage.. up front bitches!  :laughing: . Honorable mention to G. Dead and White Stripes Bonnaroo '07-right before they broke up.
    Jack White blew my mind.
    I've listened to Mars Volta. They were at Bonnaroo the next year, I think. It's a great fest-but when it had gotten upwards of 80,000 people..I was done.
  15. Hard to pick one in general but....

    Gd summer.fall 1990

    Allman Bros summer 96

    Phish niagara falls december 1995
  16. This is going to date me but....
    I've been to too many to pick just one, some of the best I've been to have been:
    Def Leppard
    KISS,  1st farewell tour in 2000 with all 4 original members
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    Hell yes-I would agree w/Dead..they had it down to a science..
    There is STS9 that routinely blew my mind with their wizardry..but I guess the deciding factor would have to be The White Stripes @ Bonnaroo '07..they win for the surprise factor...It's not that's he's just great to watch-he's super sexy-I'll give him that...but White knows a groove-and how to rock you like you're being fucked
    * I saw I posted in here awhile back..definitely a toss up...I'll stick to Stripes for surprise factor-
  18. Miniature Tigers in St. Paul
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    Oh ya.....forgot to add...if not the best maybe the most magical....

    Gd Pittsburgh summer was a scorching hot day all day.....

    When the dead came out for the second set, and jerry made the first sound with his guitar the rain came down in happened like right at the exact second jerry and the guys started playing.....

    Of course they played "rain".....

    They followed that with looks like rain....samba in the rain....and box of rain...can't remember the exact order.....

    It was awesome....

    I think others have said lighting started flashing in the sky above the stadium too right before that second set but I can't remember that......All I remember was that rain coming down, and my gf and I were near the top of the stadium underneath the underhang...Once it all started we ran from the overhang, and danced in the rain.
  20. \tEric Clapton <span>The Arena in Oakland, Oakland, CA.    August 11, 2001</span>I will never forget him up there with his acoustic, sitting on that stool with the spotlight on him signing Tears in Heaven.  :smoke:
    This was the setlist.  The first 4 songs were played acoustic without the band. 


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