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  1. Okay so I have a little guy in a cup right now and bless his heart he's stretching so I think I need a better light source (currently using two 40w).

    The eventual location would be a closet about 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, roughly 1.5ft deep so I'm thinking I want tubes? Does that sound right?

    I have access to Ace Hardware, Target, Walmart, KMart and I suppose Lowe's. I'm trying to figure all this out but I'm quite confused. The tube's are all so much more expensive so I don't see how that is worth it.

    So I guess my question is, what's the best light for two, maybe three plants? I think the guide said I wanted cool daylight and 6500k? That right?

    I'm going to continue searching but until then, thanks.
  2. yea you want cool daylight for veging then the yellow light for flowering. i would add more cfl lights in. try for atleast 50 actual watts per plant.

    hand the lights only an inch or so from the plants, keep the light as close as possible but not to close as to burn the leaves. i would build a light hood and a power strip with bulbs and have them all connected. you can get the parts at walmart for this setup here

    the pic is from SpoolinTurbo on this page

    use foil to make a reflective hood just over the top of the lights to reflect all the light down at the plants
  3. Okay. Thanks. that clears it up a bit. I think I'm going to go with the 150w system from HTG for $70. Or, is worth paying $117 and getting the 175w? Either way, would I need a cooling system for my closet with either of these systems? I'm hoping a fan is enough!
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    the 250 watt is only $1 more then the 175 watt. i would go with 250 that will fit your space the best and wont be that much hotter. you want a minimum of 50 watts/sq ft you have 4.5sq ft so want ATLEAST 225 watts so 250 is perfect.
  5. Actually you can get a 400 watt for $119 from the same place and your plants will love you for the extra $2. You can get max results with a 400 HPS over 2 or 3 plants and it is not very much warmer.
  6. High Tech Garden Supply

    put an extra more bills down, and go with the 400wat HPS

    Thats what i have, with no regrets whatsoever..55,000 is more than enough lumens for 5 plants especially if you buy mylar

    Ive been using my 400wat HPs throughout the whole life cycle of my plant (not just flowering)

    You can buy a conversion MH bulb if you want to but its unnecessary...

    I had no stretching at all, and the plant is huge in its 10gal pot

    heres a link of my grow..using only the standards 400watt HPS

    buying that 400watt almost gurantees big yields..:hello:
  7. A 400w hps is overkill for the OP's space - 12000+ lumens per square foot! I'd stick with the 250w
  8. 400 sounds good ............ is there such thing as overkill when it comes to final dried weight ????.......... :rolleyes:
  9. Yeah there's overkill. Plants can't process any more than 10,000 lumens/sf so, no, you will not get a bigger yield. You also run the danger of light bleaching your plants.
  10. not trying to argue sure your point is valid but i keep 6 plants about a foot and a half away from two 1000w lights. my total grow area id say is about 6ft long 4ft wide and the lights are about 4 1/2 feet off the floor........never have had any problems........... dont know how you figure the math but sure its up there ...... but maybe im lucky.......idk ???????????
  11. Hmm. Thanks for all the input. I went with the 150 because I wanted to stay under $100 and invest as little as possible until I'm confident. If this goes well and I decide to continue I'll get the 400w.
  12. one thing to remember is that when you use HPS or MH your going to have to add am inline fan to cool the light. i dont think a 150 is to much power but for that space i wouldnt go any higher with the watts. you will notice though the plants will grow faster and the bud will be a little danker

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