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Discussion in 'General' started by j88671, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. hey everybody, i was wondering if anyone had strong oppions about best types of lighters? eh, im bored and this looks like an untouched subject. >>>peace
  2. for joints and blunts on a breezy night outside..bothings better then my butane torch. For firing up the bong..a nice lil bic does the job well.
  3. i tried a butane lighter & it burned my weed too fast.

    i'll stick with my trusty lil' bic. buy 'em by the 5 back and they last forever :)-~
  4. im agreeing with everyone else. bic's are durable and pretty cheap. You can get like 2 for $1 at walmart. they even make one's with celbrities on em if that's you fancy.
  5. i like blu ones
  6. bics are awesome but butane is for lightin blunts or joints
  7. I like the cheap ones where u can take the metal part off the top and turn them up wicked high. It's great for when ur outside and it's windy and you just wanna get a bowl cherried (this has happened to me at least a million times).
  8. You gotta love the bics with the child safety removed. Ive also liked using the Djeep without the child safety. Torch lights dont last long enough and burn your weed. =)

  9. I like Crickets. I don't even know what the hell a Bic is :p

    I just like Crickets 'cos they're good for playing the Random Lighter Throwing Game, because they're not too heavy so they don't hurt so much. As for lighting stuff, a flame's a flame.
  10. I like throwing lighters on the ground and making them explode. Or if you are ever in a party in the woods and somebody has made a fire, try throwing a lighter in there. A few seconds later...... BOOM! lol it scares the shit out of a lotta trashed kids.
  11. I generally use the cheap bics, but those little butane soldering torches are cool for the bong. When you get high enough they are real fun to play with, but you'll eventually run out of fluid or catch the couch on fire.
    For joints, i like to keep things simple and use a wooden match.
  12. once i forgot that i had thrown an empty lighter in teh fireplace....although no lighter is truely empty....when i started a fire in the fireplace i was greeted with a loud explosion and sparks and ash flying out....scared teh hell outta me an my friends....then we threw another lighter in there [​IMG]
  13. i dunno, but i like zippos that have the hole in the side, not the top. they dont go out in wind as bics and they are just better looking. they last a while and u can get them in like chinatown for like 5 bucks. i had a bic lighter which exploded cuz i was lighitnig it compleatly upside down. i dropped before it blew up, but i guess i have a subconcience bias against them. peace
  14. The clicky bics are best. for all around use.
  15. if it changes weed to smoke...

  16. zippos are the best for all around use the only thing is some people dont like the taste they have i dont care though

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