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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Jan 17, 2004.


What lighter is best?

  1. Bics

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  2. Clickster

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  3. zippos

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  4. generic, those cheap ass ones

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  5. clippers

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  1. what does everyone like?

    and if there are any others i have forgoten let me know
  2. It gotta be the classic Bics
  3. bics are the shit. I have a couple zippos, but if I were smoking I'd probably still light a bowl with a bic.
  4. Haha, i go with the cheap ones that have the flam adjuster. Cause if you pop the top off and then mess around with it, you can get a huge flame! it lites a bowl like no other.
  5. Crickets are awesome. Cricket Electrics are awesomer. Oh yea, Djeeps are good too. Bics are next.
  6. i dont really care as long as it works
  7. Clippers becuase they come with a little pokey things for roachs.
  8. Clippers yea are good, but i've got a bic now.
  9. I love bics, they last forever and *never* break. It's usually orange for me.
  10. Usually the cheapest I can find.

  11. that's it exactly, made in spain, refillable, good size flame, and very durable, you can stand on it, and it won't break........Peace out.........Sid

  12. same here. orange is the shit. the small orange ones are really the shit.

    and blue and white is cool too. the off white ones are cool after you've used them once, but before then, they suck.
  13. white bics. that's all i use. me and my friends all use bics and we've got our designated colors so someone doesn't end up accidently taking someone else's lighter (it's a pain in the ass when that happens). always gotta take off the safety bar too.

  14. why? i don't understand. lol
  15. You know.. I don't understand either. Just a stoner thing I guess :D
  16. Old Thread...but nothing has changed, Bics :D
  17. i think youve brought back enough old lighter threads dude
  18. Interesting fact : \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tBIC® lighters are world leaders in their market, with four million sold every day.
  19. zippo's for blunts and spiffs and bics for bongs and pipes

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