Best light for flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Indigo420, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I am a first time grower with a lot of questions and few answers. I have a completely enclosed and sealed room. 6'x15' I added a duct to the plenum of my central air unit to bring air in and a 6" booster fan for exhaust. Mylar on all the walls and some ocilating fans. A pretty good environment. I put alot of work into it. For light I have Sun System 48" 8 bulb t5 ho fluorescent. It's great for veg, clones and seedlings. I tried to flower with it and got poor results. Nothing more then flowers, no dense bud. Should I go with a hps for flowering? Or will my t5 achieve the results I'm looking for. I was still using the blue spectrum t5s for flowering. Will the red spectrum t5s yield the same as a 400w hps? Or should I get an hps for flowering and keep my t5 for veg? I'm trying to achieve an oz. minimum per plant. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, happy growing.
  2. Keep the T5 for veg and get a few HPS bulbs for flower! Happy growing.

    I figure you leave some room to walk around your room. I would get 3 1000w HPS, they cover a 4x4 great which is perfect for your room.

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