best light for Agromax Grow Tent - Size Small (22 x 36 x 63)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sdchica, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Just ordered the grow tent now gotta pick lights. I need 1 for veg & 1 for flower correct? Its pretty small so don't wanna over heat! Anyone use this set up?

  2. I use their medium with a 400 and it needs a 6

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  3. 6 plants? sorry newbie here. i'm just starting out & there is TONS to learn!  I thought it was gonna be simple just had to had to shop for a tent. Next thing I know I have a FULL cart at HGT supply LOL. Ok I'm still researching the best Light source choice ( I need 2 diffeerent lights- 1 veg plus 1 flower, correct?)   Then I have to pick the right kinda pots & nuts. I haven't even begun to research harvesting & drying lol. So my REAL question now is will this actually save me $$$ in the end? What kinda yeilds are average for a 22 X 36 X 63 space? Looking at GDP STRAIN FOR SURE & open to Sativas i'd like to try Blue Dream or GSC. Not sure how much strain plays into the cultivating process? 
     I know that all depends on tons of variables like light source & nut etc. but if you guys could offer a range of yeilds it might help keep my eye on the prize. Also, could kill the enitre plan ;) but at least i'd be plowing ahead realistically. 
  4. You can get a light that will switch from MH/HPS. That way all you have to do to flip is change the bulb. 400 watt solistec with a 6 inch hood and a 400 cfm fan should do you just fine. It will save you money after 2 harvests you will see.
  5. endless possibilities lol so 1 fan is fine in this small tent i imagime......i am little worried about keeping temp & humidity constant......Norcal coast is foggy & cool :( any hints on which timers work best & how to auto set up so wont get too hot/cool?
  6. Was just saying I use 400 watt in the medium agro max and it is lacking . I really should have a 600 watt in it to cover the 3x3 are well...

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